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Found 342 results

  1. I never really liked cars like the Bentley or Rolls Royce. They seemed way too heavy, too expensive, made for old people who just ran out of mustard and have to ask passersby for some "Grey Poupon." And then I saw a show on how their made and was blown away. I really had no idea how much went into building them. That's the case here with the new Badlands jacket/pants from Klim. It's basically been completely reengineered to be more user friendly, more comfortable and easier to live in for extended periods between washes. The one that stands out the most is this new technology in D30 amor they actually co-developed with D30 to be lighter, protect better and vent extremely well. They're calling it "Aero Pro D30." It vents 5x better and has 40% more coverage. For abrasion areas they've upped their game by adding SuperFabric on top of their own proprietary Karbonite material for an even better resistance to abrasion while light and fast. As to venting, they're using all new vents that create a venturi effect like never before. The base layer is their Klimatek Cool fabric to help wick moisture to stay cool. They're also using Polygiene which is an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial coating that will keep the funk out of your suit! Not sure if I'll ever get a chance to try one out but this is one of those must-have pieces of gear for the world traveler or the serious off-roader.
  2. Just got a new jacket/pant combo ($1,100) of the new Carlsbad line from Klim for my Central and South American trip! The Carlsbad is designed to be more for mobility and comfort. The enhancements include an entirely new chassis but most notably better core and arm ventilation, abrasion resistance (super fabric) as well as better armor protection (D30 LVL 2 LP 2 Pro armor). I've worn my previous version suit for about 4 years and it looks as good as new. I've ridden with in in hot and cold as well as VERY rainy conditions in Puerto Rico and Colombia. I would have gotten their new Baja S4 for heat but one lesson I learned is I hate stopping when it rains to put on a rain slick cover and then stopping again later to take it off. I like that the Carlsbad *is a rain suit already!* This lesson wasn't lost on my riding partners, Tom Palmer and @Dennis Godwin. There's no better color to me than Klim black with patina of dust but I just don't want a black jacket in the tropical heat to make me even hotter so I went with this color way they call Sage Hi-Viz... I already like the vents better. The previous sleeve vent zipper was very difficult to open/close with one hand while wearing because it sort of crossed over your arm in a compound curve and it really took two hands to get that open/closed so it was best done by removing the jacket and using two hands. No more with this one long zipper up the arm. It also has some cool tie-downs on the upper chest that let you hold the top of the jacket open for even better air flow. I'm a big guy but the XL jacket fits me perfectly. They do run big. Last time I got the 36 long pants and regretted it because they always dragged on the ground behind my boot. This time I got standard length and it's perfect.
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