EpiCo Moto Adventures


I did a tour about four years ago with BoliviaMotors in Bolivia for two weeks on an XR650 that was a LOT of fun.  This time it looks like I'm going to go back down to South America but this time with Epico Moto Adventures.

Dennis Godwin and Chad Warner did a tour with Ricardo Congote of EpiCo about six months back(?) and they cannot stop talking about what an amazing time they had.  I'm still trying to get Dennis to put his ride report up here so you can all see it.  Apparently they rode each day until about 4:00 or so and ended with some kind of activity whether it be horseback riding, zip line, bungee jump or whatever.  I think I'll pass on the bungee jumping!

They have top notch rental bikes too: Yamaha Super Tenere 1200; Yamaha Tenere 660, KLR 650, BMW F800 GS.

The trip I'm doing is called "Untamed Colombia" and will be November 2-15.  I will document the whole thing via photo and video which is why I could use YOUR help!  If you have a Sena comm (or are willing to get one) please come join me so we can do this together!

Colombia is very peaceful (much more civilized than Bolivia) and has extremely nice people living there, great food, beautiful scenery (if you know what I mean), etc...


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