AltRider's Conserve the Ride and Media Day

I made a 2 part video to help people better understand just who AltRider is as a company and who they want you to be.  Part 2 will be out tomorrow around 8pm est. 

Part 2. We are here to party. 

That's cool you showcase the SMCC and AltRider's support because others like to just go there and tear it up without regard or acknowledgement of the local riding community.

Thanks Eric.  That means a lot that you recognized what my (sometimes poorly communicated) goal was with this little project.  The SMCC is really a great group of guys that really just want to keep trails and riding open to the public. While AltRider could have held us hostage and forced us to watch product videos and demos they didn't,  we were encouraged to get out there and ride.

Edited by Steve_Kamrad

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