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Is there a sportbike-to-ADV rider's guide to tubed tires? I'm ready to swap out these Battle wings on my Tiger 800 and I'm pretty fresh to tubed tires. I'm looking at Mitas E-07's, because I do a Ton of street riding, but I'm headed up to PNW Dual Sport's Summer Closer and I'd like to do more off road. Someone on Revzilla had to explain to me what TT and TL meant when ordering the tires, which is why I decided to post this in Beyond Starbucks :lol:  I've had the pleasure of changing a few truck/car tires by hand when i was a kid, which made the lasting impression to bring the new tire and the sportbike wheel to the dealer and pay the $25 fee for them to swap it and balance it for me. I know doing off road stuff is going to require a few a few trail-side tire repairs, so I'm ready to learn!

I'm trying to ride from Reno to Bend, OR for the Summer closer, then to Portland then back down the PCH to the Golden Gate bridge, back to Reno. Should I swap tires after Bend, or would a 50-50 tire work for the whole trip? Can you do 1 tube 1 tubeless, if so which one? How do tubes typically handle and last on the street? Also, what tools should i have with me? So far i'm expecting: A pump, spare tubes, and spoons. do you bring soap on the trail? I'm ready for your long posts/ Suggestions! thanks

Some really good questions there.  First off does your Tiger 800 come with tubeless rims?  I say stick with tubeless if you can because they're so easy and quick to repair the typical flats.

I've found it's good to go with heavy duty tubes right at the start.  I did the IDBDR on the stock tubes on my 990 and they very quickly failed.  It's also a good idea to change out your tubes when you change your tires.  I wouldn't continue using the same tube years on end.

You might bring a patch kit in case you run out of spare tubes you can just patch a hole or patch the hole later and use that one as your spare if you have to. I usually try to steal some of those shampoo packets from hotels and use those as lube for the tire.

I bet you'll be fine.  The E07 are great 50/50 tires and last a long time.  These new GPS tires from Motoz are pretty sweet too so give those a thought.

You can run tubes in tubeless tires as well so don't panic if all you can get is a tubeless type tire.

If you get a flat, be sure to figure out what caused it and inspect the inside of the tire so you don't re-puncture the new tube.  Sometimes you'll get a split bead and a wire will stick out and that can keep giving you flats.

For tools I carry;

  • bead breaker/ tire spoon set
  • one 21" tube non-heavy duty (it packs down smaller) 
  • No soap, water works for trailside changes 
  • spare tube has been dry lubed (baby powder) 
  • tire pressure gauge 
  • valve core tool (valve cap type has been working well)
  • pump or air compressor 

I've been running Dyna Bead balancing beads inside my tubes for the last 1200 miles and they seem to work pretty well.

I personally don't like the 50/50 variety of tires, but I have been happy with the 60/40 types such as the Shinko 804/805. 

There is a lot of guys who like tubeless setups, but for the backcountry, I like low-tech tubes. 



awesome! thanks for the info. I saw all the posts raving about the Motoz GPS (Eric, or whoever runs the xladv IG page should get an advertising bonus), so I ordered a set. tubless is what i'm used to on the street, and if it can get me around the woods in Bend, I'm sold. Eventually I will go for more off road oriented tires, and for that I'll probably run tube tires. I'll remember the advice on the baby powder and hotel soap. I saw the guide on the mini pumps, I'll pick one up ASAP. I need to get my toolkit squared away, but other than that, I'm ready to rip! check out my IG for pics of the trip! @z1kwnderer

I wish I got an ad bonus from them but they are helping out our #teamxladv racing efforts at Baja Rally with some tires and I don't mind helping them out because I really like how the tires work for me.  I saw a set at the KTM Rally two years ago and shared a photo and it went viral.

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