New 1290 Super Adventure S?

Just saw this! What do you all think about the huge Dakar type shroud? I kinda like it



Looks great.  But functionality is the question..if it does well then yes.

Going back to the 950/990 style saddle tanks?  They do a good job at keeping the weight low but do a horrible job of ease of access!  The 790 prototype has a similar set up if I remember correctly.  I wonder if the 1090 will get a similar treatment?  2020? 

Except for the Addition of EFI and a larger bore, I think the 950/990 platform went the longest (03-12) without major changes.  KTM tends to make changes every three years in the off-road market.  Makes me wonder why that particular platform lasted so long while the 1190 faded relatively quick. 


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