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Crashing your party!

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Greetings, salutations, yada... ;-)

Grew up on street Yamahas, buying a GS1250A, looking forward to "Hey, where's this trail go to?" and "Crap, where's my map and compass, there's no cell service here!".

Native of upstate NY, living in the NorCal East Bay area, very familiar with Calaveras, Palomares, Mines, Morgan Territory, Berryessa, etc. Winters are better here than there.

Member of BARF since 2003, ADVRider since 2013.

Ham radio license KK6YGH, will very likely have a ham antenna mounted to the bike.


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Before or after I farkle the crap out of it? 😄

It's the Kalamata 1250GSA, or, speaking as a former Army guy, it's OD green, just needs a bit more camo detailing. I'm picking it up from the Livermore dealership this Friday and will be out riding on Sunday with the NorCal BMW club and as many miles as possible. Riding is life.

Equipment from my old K12R:

Clearwater Darlas

SkeneDesign PhotonBlasters

Stebel Nautilus

Various stickers from BARF rallies, Pashnit, Flying_Hun, Koi's Misfits, Drake's, Reach Air/AirMedCare, etc.

New gear:

AltRider skidplate 

AltRider luggage rack system

AltRider Hemisphere panniers (bought used)

Mosko Scout 25L duffel (bought used)

Mosko Fatty tool roll (bought used)

SW-Mototech Bags Connection Cargobag (bought used)

Yeah, I'm ready for some camping/trails. Already have tent, sleeping bag, stove, JetBoil, etc.

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