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LC GS Timing question.

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I've been digging into the boxer valve inspection and adjustment information this holiday season on my time off. The 12,000 mile service is around the corner and through my forum research I've found the boxer engine can have their timing get off? Why is this expectable BMW? 


My question is, if I find the timing off when performing the valve inspection. Can I have BMW adjust timing while its under factory warranty? I understand valves are a wear item and completely up to me to service on my dime, but timing? Just curious if anyone's been down the same path I'm about to take. The only way to know for sure is to ask a BMW service advisor but all I do is go in for warranty and they probably hate me by now :)


I'm perfectly capable of doing everything myself but there's 3 tools required to do the adjustment on timing and there near $300!!

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