Ride for today

Little spin out to one of my favorite spots today, Rollins Pass. Pretty quite, saw two riders (one had a flat tire, i stopped to offer help), a few jeeps and a park ranger. Perfect day! 



Perfect day? How could that be... I wasn't there... :P  And, you're blockin' the view in the pic. Move over son! ;)


Weather looks phenomenal! :thumbsup: Feeling fall in the high country yet?

You know I figured it'd be chilly above 10k today, but as you can see I had to pull off the ol jacket. I'm going to get as much high country riding in as possible, winter is just around the corner above the tree line!! BTW... Next week I'll be in Gunnison Wednesday - Friday, meet me out there the weather is looking perfect.

Don't like the weather in Colorado? Wait 20 minutes. :)

Just keeping my ride of the day thread going. This is the back riding area of a local mx track (IMI) near my house on the front range, I figure if the mountains are starting to get snow I can go ride hear to keep the skills honed for next season.FullSizeRender9.jpg

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