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Mosko Moto Reckless 80L Reviews

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Eric Hall

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I don't own these but borrowed Wolfie's 690 with the R80 (Gen 2) setup for six days in Baja and am very impressed.


I like the rear bags for tools, tubes and chain oil/cleaner.  I don't want to mix that stuff with clothes/food.


Honestly, the two side bags were big enough for everything I needed (wasn't camping) so I didn't even bring the top bag.


My only issue and I'm sure it's due to my own inexperience with the bags are that it would lean to one side and I wasn't exactly sure how to even it out (on the 690).


The bags were completely filthy with mud and dirt and they cleaned up very easily at the coin operated car wash.  Easy peasy.

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I've used these bags (Gen 1, btw) for over a year, now (20K miles), and have had no problems . . . .the roll top bags remain watertight, the beavertail is the best idea, and the bags, once tightened up, don't move at all.


The multitude of straps (that allow the load to be snugged down and remain stationary no matter what) are a lil confusing at first, but become second nature after two or three uses.


The use of MOLLE points is very smart, allowing the owner to customize the bags to their specifications.


Some form of documentation other than 20 minute videos would be welcome (where does THIS strap go is a question that isn't answered well in a video), but I'm thrilled with the bags.


Highly recommended.

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Chris Hunt

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This is some great luggage in the making. I've been a happy camper with the Giant Loop Siskiyou panniers for over 20,000 miles and decided to give the Mosko Moto Reckless 80L a try for my last few trips. After 6,000 miles, here are the things I really like:

- Much slimmer profile than anything else out there. The load is carried close to the bike and doesn't move around. I don't get caught up on trees, bushes, and stumps as much as I have in the past.

- Easy to remove and install on the bike. Instead of removing the dry bags at night (if I'm heading to a hotel or house), I just take off the whole luggage system. It can be installed and removed quicker than anything else I've tried.

- The outer beavertail holster system is rugged and I have no doubt it will survive anything that rubs up against it.

Things that can be improved:

- The dry bags are made of a thick material that begins to crack at crease points. Areas around the clear viewing window and frequently stressed areas are no longer water tight.

- There are 5 straps on each side that must be adjusted each time you change the amount of luggage carried so that the load stays as tight as possible. I've gotten much faster at adjusting these straps, but they were initially quite annoying.

- The cam buckles that hold the foot peg straps seem high quality, but are positioned in a way that the contents of the panniers can actually press on the buckles and loosen the strap. This can be avoided by adjusting the contents of the bag, but will happen easily if you're not paying attention.

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