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BMW R1200 GS Adventure 2011 Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of BMW R1200 GS Adventure 2011. Vehicle specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!

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It's name is "El Burro." Less than two years old and It has gotten me everywhere! It's at 2013, the last year of the Oil/Air cooled 1200 boxer Adv Models.

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I have done almost everything with that bike.

Long distance Trip? Done.

Short weekend trip? Done.

OffRoad? Done.

Extreme Offroad? Done.

RaceTrack? Done.

City run? Done.

And it shines on all and every aspect of motorcycling. Low fuel consumption (given it's weight and power), awesome torque, handling on pavement is just awesome, offroad handling is not that great, but once you get used to the telelever shit... it will bring you anywhere no matter what.

So far, If I had to buy another motorcycle today.... i would buy exactly the same bike. :)

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Certainly the most reliable motorcycle I have ever owned. I have been to the Yukon, Baja, and everywhere in between without any issues. It has been my only mode of transportation for the past three years as until recently I didn't own a car.

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Eric Hall


It's a bit difficult for me to review this 2011 BMW R1200 GS Adventure because it's the first motorcycle I ever bought!  I've been riding it for about four years now (purchased Mar '11; ~54k miles) but in some ways I still feel like a noob.  I rode scooters in high school and college but that really doesn't count.


This bike is seen as the apex predator of big adventure bikes.  It is the standard by which all other bikes are measured.  Is it perfect?  Of course not, but it's pretty damn sweet!


My only trouble aside from some minor recall maintenance was a clutch slave at about 36k and some weird cam chain issue I'm not sure I've yet resolved.  For both of those issues, I'm one of the very few it's ever happened to, so it doesn't appear to have any major issues with the model in general.  Yes, the fuel flange issue was severe, especially if your bike caught on fire, but they addressed it finally in a recall.  I guess I should also mention that the drive shafts and final drive gear assemblies on these bikes are known for failing but I've been keeping a close eye on mine and servicing at 6k intervals to stay on top of it.


Most people never even take these in the dirt.  I certainly have, so I can say that there are a number of OEM parts that are wholly inadequate for off road use:  lame mirrors, weak suspension, joke of a skid plate, ridiculous aux lights poorly placed and maybe weak hand guards but that's about it.


I love the low end tractoring of the first gear in technical off road situations.  I think that has been a complaint and something riders miss with the new liquid cooled models.  This bike happens to be VERY capable off road!  I won't mention names, but I know for a fact it's probably the best big bike there is for off-road riding.  Okay, maybe the 1190 R might beat it there but not any others.  I also love how sporty it is in the twisties.  I'm not a good sport rider but I know guys on the GS and GSA have no trouble keeping up with and passing so-called superbikes.  Touring is also something this bike's good for but I haven't done as much of.

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