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Ozone disinfects, 

Yesterday i got my gear disinfected with Ozone gas. I'm pretty happy with the results. No more nasty smells and my gear even smells like the air smells after a heavy thunderstorm. 


How does Ozone do its job?

The chemical name is O3. Which basically means that it has three oxygen atoms form a Ozone-molecule and it would love to set one atom free and return to its O2 state. That’s why it reacts with bacteria and viruses and destroys their outer shell. The Ozone keeps on attacking the outer shell until the bacteria or virus breaks up and is no more! It neutralizes the smells that bacteria produce by reacting with that as well. It turns the smells into harmless and odourless CO2.


Can I produce Ozone myself?

If you can rub two pieces of carpet really fast against each other you just might… It takes an electrical shock of about 10-20 KiloVolt to make Ozone molecules. So Keep rubbing! Ozone also occurs naturally in the air after a thunder storm. The smell that’s in the air after that is the Ozone you smell! This smell also lingers in your helmet for a few minutes before the Ozone has totally reacted with its environment.

Want to see a reasonable boring video about the process? Check it out here:



More on www.beardedvstromrider.com this sunday :)

IMAG1318.jpg.c8b634a73c25ee62a56c1b105f00dbab.jpgIMAG1322.jpg.fbc058336685f4916bf60e8867167776.jpg 5953740fbd3a4_ozonegashelmetcleanerwithhelmetsinside..png.fd536f1b901acae9a72ec03c50ce6add.png

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