Los Angeles Big Bike Ride on 2/11 - Half Tarmac / Half Easy Dirt

This is a big bike friendly one day half-tarmac/half-dirt ride tomorrow (2/11).   We'll be leaving LA about 8 and heading out to Adelanto (near Victorville).  From there will be checking out a 170 dirt loop route put together by Eric Hall.  (see attached track).    We then head back to Los Angeles by 3 to be home by dark.   There are currently two of going (BMW GS bike).   If you'd like to join, text/call me at 213-864-3604 and we'll coordinate the best place to meet up.


Read more details about Eric's Beyond Starbucks Gold route here:  


Beyond Starbucks GoldV1.GPX

Wish I could go!

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