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MyThousandSmiles Needs Our Help

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@Brent Smith forwarded me this GoFundMe campaign this morning about Vasilisa Komarova who was attacked in Bolivia nearly a year ago and stayed to fight within the system for her justice, which she finally achieved recently in this story (use your browser to translate).

She could use a bit of help.  I admire her strength and fortitude!  I will NOT let stuff like this happen without a response from the larger community to support her so please do what you can.

We also have some people from @MotorradAngels helping out.


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We're up to about $1700 now on the GoFundMe page.

Vasilisa is going to try to get back to Rurre from La Paz, get her bike, say her goodbyes to friends and then head on her way.  I think her Honda Tornado should just be left and she should get another similar bike.

@MotorradAngels has done a lot to get her plugged into their network their in Bolivia and beyond.  Wolfman Luggage also stepped up with $100 donation.

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Some good news!!!

@Brent Smith and I were able to get Vasilisa some press and have two great articles so far that have no doubt been mostly responsible for fulfilling our fundraising goal of $10k!  We don't want to pay for her entire adventure; just get her back to where she was the day before her troubles started.  She needs to fix that bike and then replace the money she's had to spend staying their for the last 10 months trying to fight for her justice.

Many people helped out here beginning with Brent and I but mostly because of individuals and companies like Wolfman Luggage, Upshift Online and many other fellow riders.


Alicia "MotoLady" Elfving was kind enough to publish an article (despite me accidentally calling her "Jamie" :lol:) here


And WomenADVRiders published this piece here

@MotorradAngels have also been a huge help in networking and getting Vasilisa connected with lots of their volunteers in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, etc for when she gets there on her way north.

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