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Overland Expo West 2019

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Who's going?  This will be my 5th and I've always enjoyed myself.  Tons of the best moto exhibitors and vendors along with some great 4wd overlanders as well!

May 17-19 at Ft. Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, AZ.  Sign up here

The new location at Ft. Tuthill is better than at Mormon Lake, imho.

No charcoal bbqs!  DAMHIK!  Right, @Azure?  @FeralCat2Wheels knows!




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Great Expo this year! Weather was a bit cold and then wet on the front and back ends but an awesome time as usual.


I didn’t take the bike this time as it’s such a long ride and there’s good riding to be had but then you miss out on the social aspect as well as the classes so I decided to drive. I was out in Phoenix the week before for Mother’s Day so had back to back AZ trips. I ended up taking Randy Lazar and his dog Doc with me and enjoyed them a lot. Randy runs SDAR which is a regional forum in San Diego County I’ve been a member of for many years. Lots of nice people over there.

Rode my OneWheel around all over and am in love with it. That altitude in Flagstaff really wears you out so having this thing helped a lot.

If you saw the Mosko Moto gear thread then you will know all about that and why I felt it was the most interesting thing in the moto area this year.


REVER has this new beacon you put on the bike and it syncs with your app and will auto-start your tracking and make recording where you are and sharing your location with friends very easy.


I tried this new Chameleon chair/backpack from TrailForm I really like. Saves trips back and forth to camp and then I can sit down and chill wherever I want. I carried my hydrapak, battery charger, snacks, cocktails, etc...


And this guy Red who’s an Aussie and rides very well. He is adv_sasquatch on IG

I met the crew from Motorcycle Relief Project and they are such a great group of people


Saw Tiffany Coates


Simon Thomas (and Lisa).


Klim’s new one piece Hardanger suit.

And of course cool Overland vehicles


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