MotionX App

Has anyone used this app on their phone as their main GPS? I read some good reviews but I'd like some feedback and tips from people around here... I have a Garmin 60C but having it on the phone seems like it'd be easy to get trails and routes easier.

I like it very much, but phones don't hold up well on a rammount in my experience.


You have to be conservative on how much "map" you download if you phone has limited space.


Also, battery life is an issue because there's so much being used with the phone.


Considering all that, I don't look at GPS while riding.  I'd rather avoid an I keep the phone off (save battery), pull over and get my bearing when needed, and try to focus on riding.


I've tested with an old iPhone 3gs and 5s.  It's a great app and as long as you figure out the map downloading, it will work great out of cell range.


I have a Delorme and it's a good combination.

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