Hello from Northern Colorado!

XL-ADV'ers!  I'm glad to have finally made the jump to ADV.  @Bryan Bosch and I grew up together, and have been best friends for 30+ years.  We've logged many thousands of miles on single-cylinder thumpers over the years (motocross, enduro, supermoto), but one ride on his Triumph 800XC in Florida last year and I was hooked.  I just purchased a 2011 KTM 990 ADV with a little over 5k miles on it.  Came with crash-bars, Flatland skidplate, and CJ pegs.  I'm looking forward to logging many miles here in the Colorado Rockies, including 2-up with my wife on the back.  I'll be posting ride reports, videos, and pics, so stay tuned!   :ride:

Boy, they'll let just anyone in this place, won't they?  :P

Welcome, Steve!  I look forward to seeing your bike and maybe even riding together some day.  We have a Southern Utah event in mid October you might be interested in.


Have you done the COBDR?

Thanks Erik!  I'm certainly interested in connecting up for a ride, and the Southern Utah event sounds like fun.  Haven't done any of the COBDR on a bike yet, but have rolled some of the sections in my old CJ.   :thumbsup:


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