Video - Death Valley, Titus Canyon, Ubehebe, Racetrack Playa

Death Valley, Titus Canyon, Ubehebe, Racetrack Playa


Ride report to follow ... 


Thanks for sharing! Something that I miss, having moved out east... ELEVATION! ;) But, I do like the green, lots of water, and the ocean views.




Figured out the detour around 2 vids/post I see! ;)

What one can expect from Lippincott Road


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    • By Nate J.
      Nothing for 50 miles in any direction - Nothing.
    • By Eric Hall
      I was lucky enough to be invited to do the COBDR (Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route) with the crew from GS Riders of GoAZBMW.  They are THE best adventure riding group I have ever seen.  They are just very well organized, skilled, motivated and give riders feedback on these trips so that everyone becomes a better rider each time they go out.  Their leaders seem to be Jason Houle, who they call "the captain," and Mick Williamson, but many of them are active in ride planning, support, ride leading, etc... like Jason's wife Wendi, Mick's wife Michelle, Ryan Frazier (Team USA GS Trophy '12), Jason Apelquist, Kyle Moore, Janus Lund, Bill Cress, etc...  Jason does a lot of these events with RawHyde so the group gets the benefit of his professional experience there.  If you ever get the chance to ride with them TAKE IT!
      I grew up in Arizona and I still go out there a few times/year to see family in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.  I was back in Dec '12 and was invited to go on a ride with them up Cherry Creek road, which is part of day 3 on the AZBDR, so it was nice to have some familiarity with that section.  At least there was no snow when we rode the AZBDR in May...

    • By Eric Hall
      I had met Tolga Basol of "Ride Must Go On" a few months back when I had him and his professional photographer friend Caglar Erkenci stayed with me for a few days while they prepped their loaner bikes for the US leg of their round-the-world adventure.  Tolga is a film maker and has done some truly amazing stuff.  Check it out:

      Tolga is sponsored by KTM Turkey, along with many other familiar vendors:  Konflict Suspension, Giant Loop, Rottweiler Performance, etc...  He started in Istanbul in June and rode his 1190 R to Magadan (the first to ride that bike there).
      Thierry and I had just ridden in Pahrump, NV the week before and he went on to Death Valley and I went back home to work for a few days, coming back to DV on Thur of that week.  Tolga and Caglar are making their way back down south after picking up Tolga's 1190 R in Vancouver and stopped at Death Valley to ride with us.  We camped at Panamint Springs Resort.
      Tolga and Caglar are absolutely brilliant with a camera for photos and video, so don't let this lame amateur's attempt at video distract you from their work
      They took some amazing photos of us all that you can see in the gallery as well as posted here below.

      There was a storm supposed to move through on Friday, so I brought my lower-profile tent instead of the Redverz "Garage-mahal."  As it turned out though, the guys moved to the tent-cabins based on a suggestion from the camp staff that the storm was going to be quite severe.  It did rain pretty steadily for a long time but the storm wasn't that bad.  Still, it was nice to have a bigger tent to cook in and all that.  Talk about glamping!
    • By Rigs
      In 2006, my brother got me interested in touring by motorcycle.  I've been obsessive about it ever since.
      Now, I have ridden motorcycles for almost 42 years. But, until he said let's go ride around Yellowstone, I had never thought about travelling by bike.
      In 2007, I met his friend from Tennessee - Jim Bean (goes by Frijole on several forums.  you can guess why).  Jim joined our merry band of bike travelers, often instigating the trip by suggesting a destination or three.   Fast forward to 2011 and the three of us, plus two other vagabonds we adopted over the years (crazy stories behind each of those.  Alaska was at fault), thought we would spend two weeks on the west side of the country.  I wanted to hit up most of the great roads in Calif, plus see the Oregon Coast, Idaho, and on and on.
      Jim is the group photog.  Mostly because I rarely see anyone take better pics than he can.  We can stand side by side and take pics of the same subject and mine will look like crap, and his could sell for $$$.   He also started, with our first trip, producing videos to remember them by.  At first, they were slide shows to music, then gopro footage was added.   The man is an artist.
      Here is a link to said 2011 trip.  It may affect me more than it will you, because I did that trip.  But, it is a great video anyways.