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Sena Technologies Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Sena Technologies Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!

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Eric Hall


I have had this Sena for a few months now and wanted to take some time to familiarize myself with all its features.  Haven't completely done that yet :)  But that's only because it does so much.  I really cannot believe I've gone this long without a Sena.  It's so nice to be able to talk with another rider or your pillion.  Especially for us off road riders it enhances safety if we're able to communicate various obstacles, cars, ruts, etc..  Even if it's just "hey stop, I have to pee!"


Some of the features I haven't even used yet:  conference call with an intercom participant; universal connectivity that lets you pair with a non-Sena device; Bluetooth music playback control via AVRCP (play, pause, track forward and back); speed dial, etc...


The audio quality is very good.  You do need to take care to locate the microphone in a spot that has the least exposure to wind noise and that will greatly help, so it's somewhat dependent on how quiet your helmet is.  It comes with both a boom mic as well as a wired mic you can stuff in an even more protected spot.


Battery life is really good.  It goes for days as far as I know (12 hours talk; 10 days stand by).  It has never died yet so I can't say for sure :)  It can also be used while charging, which I did on our last Death Valley trip.


Connectivity with other com's is very easy.  Range isn't bad either; typically line of sight for roughly 900 meters.  When I thought I had the thing figured out, my friend Franco piped his music over to my headset and we both got to listen to his lame 80's and 90's pop hits :)


I also recently got Sena's Prism video camera which connects to the SMH10.  Here's some video where you can hear the audio quality:



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I've had the same Sena SMH10 for the last 10 years! It works perfectly sense the day I bought it, probably the best and most durable piece of equipment I've owned!

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I bought the smh-10 twin pack a couple of years ago when I got back into dual sporting. Bought them originally to talk to my Wife but I've ended up using both as my primary units and switching them back and forth. The first ones' battery is gone now as it only lasts an hour or so but the other jams on for several hours at a time as it always has. I run the earbud kit though so can't speak to power concerns for the speaker equipped as I couldn't really hear it in my super noisy DS helmet.

Otherwise pretty good product especially for the money as the nearest competitor is a significant bit more coin. I've had these running in vertical sheet rain for hours and they've never shorted or failed on me once. The wiring for the microphone is a bit thin and will get messed up by anything being poked at them repetitively like a chin curtain but otherwise a pretty good product.

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Been using the SMH10 every day for the past couple of weeks and very impressed with it so far.  Had a chance test it out with the SMH5 and so far very good. Wife and I ride two up on weekend trips.  Great way for me to communicate to her to hold on for the next upcoming rut or bump on the trails.  I like the sound level because you can still hear around you with the music on. (ie i had no problem picking up the ambulance sirens today)  I am used to wearing ear buds when listening to music, but I now enjoy being able to enjoy music on the road wirelessly.   Turn by turn navigation with bluetooth is real luxury.  

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Tomek S


I second comment about the bass. I wish it was a bit better. I had it for about a month and this is the only complaint.

Now I just can't imagine I was riding without it :) It makes riding so much more enjoyable when you can talk to the others.

Installing was a breeze. Battery life is amazing. Intercom quality even at speeds is very good.

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