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Triumph Tiger 800 XCx 2015 Reviews

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Chris Hunt


I couldn't ask for a better bike. It's capable of doing things far beyond my skill level.

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I can't speak as to comparisons with other XC's but for me the c model just made sense with the WP suspension and special mappings. This thing rails out of the box in a very surprising manner for such a large bike on such silly rubber. Really the only bad point of the bike outside of some of the plastic stuff doesn't impress close up but there are aftermarket alternatives .<br />I've ridden it 300 miles of 70/30 and so far in that hundred miles of off road I felt darned near as in control as I do on my YZ or XR over the same ride excepting slick clay mud from log trucks and grass.which made kitty want to either roll or take a nap due to the tires. Other than that it is as competent over loose terrain as it is tarmac and it represents a serious attempt by Triumph to upgrade an already successful ADV bike to something better.


EDIT : One year on with 12000 miles


Thought I'd update this a bit as both of us have grown over the past year. She's just now ticking 12000 miles of what honestly translates to about 60/40 use as that's my default ride to the beach.  I've ridden it in all kinds of conditions the two exceptions being silt and deep loose sand like you see in the "portland to dakar" video. 


Where to begin? I was so starry eyed in the above post. I had only had my previous street legal DS (Honda XR 650) and endorsement for about a year and 5000 or so miles. Not to say I'm a first time rider just never had been on the street much other than pillion on a Hog as a kid and a couple of times at an auto dealership because I knew how to ride them. 

On the other hand I'd gotten the dirt bike bug back bad a couple of years prior due to having a teen aged Son who spends too much time online (I know, join the club).


     So here I am armed with not too much sense, terrible tires and a bike that weighs almost 200 more pounds than the XR which is already known as the Big Red Pig and 3 times the horsepower.  What could go wrong?  Turns out plenty but we'll cut that out here. Suffice it to say that I may be the first guy to have his Tiger roll over on him, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it. My wife calls it the whore in the garage for very good reasons, it took buying her a twelve thousand dollar ring to hear the end of it. Of course she hasn't seen the end of the farkling yet, no one has.


     So back to the bike, after I bought it I noticed right away my filthy dirt biker habits were doing a number on it. Melting heel guards, rear pads 60% gone at 600 miles, these are not good signs. And here I am terrifying these poor Triumph service folks by telling them to mount these Karoo 3 tires which I've just brought in, and I've already put on what will be the first of many SW_Motech bits: a nice shiny set of aluminum heel guards. Our relationship will be a rocky one, I'm afraid.  At this point I'm ordering up at a frenzied pace: New seat, new can, a set of SU Racks from Happy Trail,Rox risers, Boosterplug, new style airbox snorkel from Uni and a Pyramid gloss black hugger The completing touch is a SW_Motech Steel Rack to mount my Rotopax.


     By now, it's about this time last year and yours truly wants to stretch my legs a bit. After my Lovely Wife graciously gives permission, I'm off to Boise, Idaho via Jordan Valley, Oregon through to Silver City, Idaho to pick up my panniers from Jim Eldridge at Happy Trail. My very first all by myself ADV ride of any real length. I had planned a good mix of 2 lane and off road for the route there, but unfortunately due to time had to come back I-84. This trip is where the Tiger really began to shine. Although I was riding largely in unfamiliar hot desert terrain I had some reservations as to how the bike would perform but I needn't have worried. In fact I was tailgated into Jordan Valley by a County Sheriff who was on my tail at 80 plus for miles coming into town and didn't say a word to me just fueled up and boogied leaving me to the buzzards and coyotes. All the way there to Boise the weather was over 80 and mostly 90's and that Tiger hauled my Butt up into the Owyhees and out like a tank. I really got to know the power band then, nice and flat like a truck. Put it in third and go anywhere from idle to sign-off. Also got my first taste of endurance riding for real as I did the entire ride from Tigard to Boise non stop with a broken toe and I couldn't have done so if not for how well suited the bike is for that distance of a trip and how well it coped with the often heavily broken and rocky stretch from the Delamar mine into Silver City proper. I'd been out the year prior from the Idaho side on my XR and it was a nicely graded walk in the park comparatively. As long as you choose your line carefully and don't try to get too much speed it'll rock crawl over 6 to 8 inch broken rock or baby heads fairly easily with the right tires. Speaking of tires, it does like them. 2500-3000 miles a piece for the Karoo 3s and I've got almost 6000 off my Heidenaus. Might do Mitas or something else next time but for now it'll be another Heidie.


     The bike really has been great over the last year, no regrets at all. The dealerships however are a bit hit or miss. The one who has been doing the scheduled services left out the crush washer on the sump plug at my 6000 mile last year and the one I bought the bike from quoted me about 1200.00 to do the 12K with me providing all the parts with the exception of a K60 for the rear. Seems a bit rich on the one hand and concerning on the other. Other than that it has literally ran like the proverbial Swiss watch and at 12k all I've used is one set of pads up front, two in the back, a broken clutch lever, a bent shifter, 2 chain rub strips, a 12k service kit, two Karoo 3 rears,one front and 1 each Heidenau K60.  As I say I've ridden it harder and harder over the past year as my skills get better, but it remains docile and easy to control when desired, a great trait when you are tired and saddle-sore and have 200+ miles to grind to get home. A great bike and I totally second what Chris Hunt has said below about it, I'm still exploring the limits.

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