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Found 8 results

  1. My buddy Jim Foreman put this piece together on motorcycle travel in Mexico that I think is great. I heard him give a talk on the topic and learned more from him than anyone else. It's truly a must-read for anyone considering riding there. I've ridden there nearly 20 times and find it great info. Here's an excerpt but you should read the whole thing. 4) Don’t go in with expectations. Let Mexico unfold on you. One of the biggest mistakes first-time visitors to Mexico make is building up a set of pre-conceived notions about the people, culture, and attitude. Many of these conclusions derive from stateside people of Mexican descent. Mexicans in Mexico are very different from Mexicans in the US. This is particularly the case of the second generation and further Americans of Mexican heritage.
  2. motobraaping

    Mexico 1 BCS

  3. Eric Hall

    Big Bikes at B A J A R A L L Y!

    Coming Oct 10, 2016. The BAJA RALLY™! I think we got four guys so far on big bikes entered and a special secret guest rider yet to be named. Brian Englund (KTM 950SE) Casey Hilliard (HP2) Lawrence Hacking (CRF1000L) Keith Billings (KTM 990R) Chris Ambrosio (riding KTM 640 but not considered "adv" class for some reason) I will be down there covering each stage live and will try and post up photos and stories from each bivouac. I will post a tracking link shortly.
  4. michnus

    mexico Mexico nearly got to us!

    We are sort of on a long term round the world trip since 2010. Not to document the entire trip which will take forever I think it is nicer to add short reports per country or sections. It makes for nicer bits. We ended up in Mexico for just over 7,5 months. Mexico truly rates as one of the best countries we have visited and were privilege to experience. Absolutely zero happened, we had no incidents or bribe request. Not once were we screwed over by anyone. Mexicans are such easy going friendly people. Girls never gave me a days' shit for taking photos of them, even when I did not ask them. We could not keep count of the times we had invites for drinks and food from locals. Their culture the colours, landscapes, nature, art, history and warm heartedness is truly special and something to experience. I think we rode close to 10000km in Mexico from Baja through the Copper Canyon and everywhere else in that country. From places people told us not to go to tits up tourist places. The one thing that struck us big time is the fear mongering we got from folke in the USA. It is absolutely not even remotely as dire and dangerous as people makes it out to be. Ye..ye.. you have to keep your eyes open everywhere in the world. For Americans in my very humble opinion. You could not have asked for nicer neighbors than the Mexicans. They are real authentic, life wire, fire in the belly type people. Life in Mexico are still real and if you want to know what the world is like unsanitized and gritty and have a prickling adventure get your ass to Mexico! Have a bike and want to at least not look like a Starbucks runner? I think every American adventure rider owe it to him or her self to at least once in their life do a trip to Mexico and get drunk on proper Tequila. For people thats not so sure maybe try to go with people that knows Mexico and can speak Spanish. Hank from www.motohank.com do trips into Mexico with small groups and very personal type of setup. He is also from Mexican descent and can speak the language and knows Mexico like the back of his hand. Other well know guy that can do offroad trips is J.J. Lewis from https://good-adv.com/ his outfit does trips to the Copper Canyon which is mind blowing stuff and he is fluent in Spanish.