Nor-Cal checking in

Hey there everyone. I'm new-ish to ADV riding, but have been on two wheels for about 12 years or so. My lovely wife surprised me with an Africa Twin (Yes, she has a sister, but shes already taken. Sorry fellas) for Xmas last year, and so began my big bike adventure. I would love to meet some more folks of any skill level to ride with. I've got a YZ125, so we can play at Carnegie, and I've got a Buell XB9 (shut up, haters) if you want to stay on the pavement. Like I said, my big bike off-road skills are not well developed, but I'm not a rolling disaster! I live in Benicia, and would gladly come out to your neck of the woods for a ride, and a beer. Or we can plan a new adventure together (oh crap, this is starting to sound like a MFM Craigslist ad...I'd better wrap this up.) Hit me up for a ride, or to wrench on bikes, or just the beer.


Awesome intro and sad news about your wife's sister already being taken......well then again I don't think mine would be okay with that!!!! :D


Wonderful wife to get you an amazing ride!!!!!  It may sound funny but I learned a ton from Rich Oliver's Mystery School and his two day Fun Camp riding TTr-125 and 230's.  I used those very skills on my GSA on my Alaska trip last year as well as may other off road adventures.  Plus Rich, his wife Karin and the crew are just awesome people



:lol: Maybe just one wife is best! I've been looking into some formal training, so thanks for the recommendation. 

Welcome!  Hope we get to ride together soon.  We just did an event in Death Valley this past weekend and have our Labor Day weekend ride up near Mammoth.  We're also working on one in May near Kernville.

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