XLADV Project Bike: Rox Speed Fx

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I happen to be a tall guy (6'4") so when I got this bike, one of the first things I did was to measure the vertical height of the bars.  I found out I was going to need a whopping 6.5" of improvement over stock!  So we reached out and got a favorable and friendly response from Rox Speed Fx who said they'd help us out there.


These risers look pretty sweet, huh?


Rox carries quite a few products beyond risers, including hand guards, so check them out!


When standing on pegs these 990's definitely need the bars brought up higher for proper control. I went with the 18 mm powerparts spacers and my throttle cables seem to almost be maxed out. I have the rox 1-1/2 risers waiting on my shelf. Did you replace any of your cables w/ longer ones and if so is it terribly involved? Ride on!

That's a great question.  I had the standard 990 and extended my suspension to R spec so I found my cables maxed out already with my Rox Risers.  So far it hasn't been an issue and my guess is it wont be for you.  I've been trying to reach out to Galfer to see if they'd sponsor our project bike with a new set of longer lines but no luck so far.  My biggest concern are the front brake lines.

I have seen some owners of 990's turn their throttle assembly 180* to gain a little length but didn't know if you replaced any cables etc. Might try this trick for the throttle if it saves having to swap out cables.

Great project build and great part of the country you have at your riding doorstep. Here in the NorthEast US half the battle is finding accessible dirt/gravel roads and off-road opportunities.

I volunteer with the BDR organization and I hear we are having quite a hard time with New England for that reason

Certain areas of Vermont , New Hampshire , Pennsylvania have numerous areas where you can link together dirt rural roads to create a circuit of sorts. A lot of the wilderness/ national forest areas are off limits to motorcycles but these same corridors are allowable for snowmobiles / mountain bikes. Adirondacks where I live have various land classifications that prohibit motorcycle and atv use. Have to work at locating and linking together dirt road routes to really get an on/off experience. Ride on!