Double tube your tyres

Has anyone done this?  Think it would cause problems at freeway speeds?  


7. Double tube your tyres

If your bike has inner tubes (rather than having a tubeless design), you can double tube your tyres. This is where you cut an old tube around the centre and wrap it around the outside of the inflated tube. This acts as an outer skin to protect your inner tube from punctures, something you don't want to be getting in the middle of the Sahara! You will also need to ensure the lock nut is screwed up against the valve cap to allow the tube to move inside the tyre.


I'm one lucky dog in the flat department. In over 30 years of riding, two flats! And, I've logged more miles than I can count of rock & cactus out west. Both times, pinch flats by running lower tire pressures. Since I don't run those crazy low pressures for ADV, not worried too much about pinchies and for puncture flats like a nail or plant spike, the Slime type stuff works quite well.


I think you're most likely better off running UHD tubes like those from Bridgestone (3mm). Heavy suckers, but pretty tough too.

I think I would just run UHD tubes.  I did this for my Southwest tour (incl COBDR)  and had no problems (ran about 20 psi on my KTM690E).  I also selected a firm walled tire with harder rubber compound to help preven flats.  in my last 10,000 never a problem.

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