Hi from Georgia

Hi guys, my name is Justin I'm originally from Florida but living in Georgia for past ten years. Been riding dualsports since I was about 12. My first bike was a 1992 Kawasaki KE100. I currently ride a 15 1190r Adventure. Found xladv through Instagram. I ride primary in the Appalachian mountains, camping minimally in the national forests.

Hey Justin... Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'm down in Tampa, so you likely know what the riding is like here (so so). I'd like to come up to your neck of the woods at some point and sample the riding. I hear good things. Any pointers or good photos or video to share?

Hi Bryan, I'm actually in Statesboro which doesn't have that good of riding besides dirt roads. There's a group that rides your way I can pm you there info. I'm actually going down to brooksville for a ride in March with them. I'm actually working on a video now. I have a ton of Gps tracks all around north Georgia, TN, NC, etc... if your interested. If you want a sample I would suggest planning a ride to March Moto Madness. I've never been but heard great things.



Looks nice! I ride out in Brooksville most of the time (Withlacoochee). Not sure about March. Looking like I might need carpal tunnel surgery in the next month, so not sure how prepared I'll be. Time will tell!

Welcome Jmack!  That's a sweet bike you have there!  I'd love to post your pic on Instagram if that's okay?

Sure Eric if you want to tag me its justin.womack

Justin, nice set up! I'm sort of building something very similar. I picked up a 1190R in October down in Asheville, NC (not sure how close you are to them). After having a big heavy GSA with heavy bags that led me to pack way too much on my last Colorado trip, I decided I needed something lighter and faster. (The old sport biker in me was craving a few more ponies). 


But the dealer through in a Giant Loop Great Basin, and I picked up a tank bag to match an started building my light weight camp set-up. I laughed when I saw your picture because I just picked up my hammock and tarp set-up, and have slowly been working on the rest. I mounted the bag for the first time today on the bike to see how it felt. It's still a bit cold up here in Southern MD, so I have yet to try all of this stuff out. I ride the Ap's as well, just a touch north of you. ha-ha







Thanks for the compliment, your bike looks wonderful as well! I'm about 4.5 hours from Ashville and almost bought my bike from Eurosport. In October I was riding with a buddy on a GSA, I lost sight of him and turned around. He lost it in some muddy ruts and the GSA went down on him breaking his fib and tib. It was fun getting EMS in the woods then I had to ride his bike out to get picked up. I'm sure he wishes he was on something a tad lighter like the 1190r. My dads from MD and I have a friend that lives on the coast there he's actually is riding in Texas right now and stopping by on the way home.

Oh man!  That had to be pain in the a$$. He's lucky he was riding with someone!  I know with my GSA, you would be clipping along at a decent rate thinking every thing was going good...but that damn tele lever front suspension would creep out of no where and bite you in the ass off road. On road it handled great, but off road it just didn't have the "feel" that a standard fork has. Mix that with a 19" front wheel and there were more than a few times it bit me and I ended up with my coming out from underneath me. Luckily most of them were in the Utah sand and it's pretty forgiven to crash in that soft stuff. 


Well keep in touch and if you ever venture up to see your dad in MD and bring the bike, pack your gear and we'll go for a ride! 

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