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Mohave trail to oooh squirrel......

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Orbel and I decided to do a quick overnight run on the Mohave Trail.  Originally we were taking the midsize enduro’s until I found a mess of brass in the oil of my XR a week before the trip.  A few minutes of talk and we swapped some fresher rubber on the big bikes to run the ride anyway!!!


Left L.A. nice and early in the morning, so early that Starbucks wasn’t even open yet!!!!


Up the hwy to Bakersfield and into the dirt.  We started down the trail and found some nice Sandy Bits before we got to Afton Canyon.






Dodged some Trains






Then forded some water





And more sand






Across the dry lakebed and into Baker for Lunch.  Then a shiny squirrel in the form of some Lava Tubes took us off route into the Mohave Preserve.  One thing led to another and we were at the northern end of the preserve and found a great place to stay the night!






A little exploring in the morning before making our way south








Then back on the Mohave Trail just before the mailbox I crested a rise a bit faster than I should have and when the bottom hit I thought I missed the peg after my right boot bounced off the dirt.  After a couple seconds of looking for the peg I realized something a bit worse had happened!




Snapped right through the mounting hole




Found the other peg starting to oval out, so some Fastway pegs are on the way. 


Swapped the passenger peg onto the riders spot and it was only a few miles back to the pavement sitting on the seat since the passenger peg wasn’t a perfect fit.




Then back to Baker for lunch and just cruising home on the hwy with a gimpy peg






Was a great trip, cut a little short by the dodgy footpeg, but we both enjoyed the ride, scenery and meeting a few new people.





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Yes stock footpeg, 19,000 miles or so, but lots of time standing on pegs and riding faster than I probably should have.

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Got home from Salt Lake City for work and had these gems waiting for me on the coffee table.




Back on the road again.

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