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Hyperion, BMW R1100GS convert

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Topic for my upcoming plans with the BMW R1100GS.


Some of you might know/saw some video's or pictures of me and know that I have Big plans for my Hyperion.

I'll try and keep this topic updated with our progress.

First of all we are trying to get in perfect riding shape. This is going slower than expected because of money, time and most irritating of all, delivery failure of some parts. Very short, we want to get a Dakar fairing and a selfmade subframe on it. Kinda like the one Touratech made, but then lowbudget ;-).


When we bought the 1100, it wasn't in a good shape, hadn't seen a toolkit in years and almost everything needs a revision or has to be renewed.



*October 2014 : bought the bike, placed new battery, sprayed the windscreen yellow, installed new gear box

*November 2014 : steel brake lines

*January 2015 : new throttle cables, synchronisation, risers, crashbars, new rims with Heidenau M&S




* mount crash bars
* revise Wilbers suspension
* decide which fairing kit to use and adjust
* do I want a lowering kit or not?
* mount slimmer heated grips
* GPS-device






Hyperion is a R1100GS from 1994 and had 147 000 km on it when I bought it. I have full confidence in that he will take me everywhere to see the world and explore what our earth has to show.

He wasn't the youngest one on the market, but we have a saying, you gotta learn how to ride on an old hag... The biggest reason we chose this R1100GS was the price, for 2500 euro plus he had Wilbers suspension and a set of R1150GS Panniers. (And maybe I did like the color)


So, this is him when he first got home.




Me getting a lesson on how to get my bike on his centerstand.





So I didn't like the silverish windscreen, got a yellow spraycan and got rid of the silver.

More important was, during my first rides I noticed that I couldn't wheelie the bike. The bike just popped out of gear whenever I tried. Our first cost was a new gearbox then. We found one for about 175 euro and placed it ourselves.


10409542_835342789861805_713790138490495  10525889_835342813195136_719769869873120




The operation was a succes,+ fitting in a new battery, and now Hyperion happily lifts his front wheel in the air.


With the costs from the insurance, the gearbox and the bike itself there wasn't much to spend left, so I kep riding with it like that till November.


In November it was really time to do something about the failing rubber brake hoses. The brakes got stuck because of mush that came out of the brakelines that were detoriating from the inside. So we bought some steel brake lines and that made a big difference.
Instead of slowing the bike down, I was now able to stop it completely...





I did not like the positioning of my arms, it looked as if I was on the road with daddies bike. My upperbody was pushed to much to the front which had a big influence on my technical riding. We ordered risers for my handlebar that inclined backwards too. Got no problems with the cables, everything still runs smoothly. Positioning on the bike is great at the moment ! 


10928178_10155027832295459_8917483629357  10930114_10155027832215459_1613428778272





Got him synchronized this week too, both cilinders got calibrated and now he runs brilliantly. Gas respond is so much better. If anyone still rides with an older version, get that thing synchronized. It is unbelievable how smooth the engine runs now. In the beginning when standing on idle, the bike rocked between my legs, now it just rests at one place.




And last for now, but not forgettable. I bought new rims from the first owner and mounted them with Heidenau M&S, Scout. Was an excellent choice, but I'll leave this open for a tyretopic. ;-)







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very cool!  I love the rust bucket handlebars!


Not sure about lowering it.  Many bikes, particularly dirt bikes, are quite high and professional riders rarely are ever able to flat foot it.  Jimmy Lewis always asks "do you ride with both feet on the ground or the pegs?"  I think what he tries to teach is to get used to a position where you have one foot on the ground and another on the opposite foot peg.  He says "all bikes weigh the same when in balance" and his point is to try to get you to always have balance top of mind and automatic.


This guy has clearly had some practice but shows what's possible


Still, it's your bike.  Do whatever you feel you want :)

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Yeah Eric, you are absolutely right. I don't feel the need onroad to have it lowered, but when I have one foot on the floor, my other foot can't reach the peg. I'll opt sooner for a lower saddle, or just get the mousse out of the saddle I have, than for a lowering kit. Mostly bikes don't ride anymore they way that they used to, which is logical since you change the geometrics of the bike when pulling the subframe down. 


Love the video !

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