New rider from Pernambuco, Brazil

Hi there everyone, I´m @diegolgmaciel and I´m a 26 years old ADV rider, I ride usually every two weeks, and I love this ADV world. I ride a 2011 Yamaha Tenere 250cc and now my wife is an ADV rider too, we just bought this month a 2008 Yamaha XTZ 125cc. Soon I´ll be posting some pictures of us riding.





Bom dia! I love following your posts on Instagram. You have a love of riding that I great to see in your photos. Looking forward to seeing more.

Great morning everyone, thank you very much for the space to share and learn about the ADV world. XLADV is deff one of the best pages on IG. Thank you so much for reposting my pictures. My wife and I are planning on going to California next year to ride for 10 days, I´ll keep in touch to see if anyone wants to join us.

This month we´re going to ride and soon we´ll be posting new pics.

See you!!

Welcome and thanks for sharing! Good looking bikes and even better looking lady! Looks like you guys have fun together.  :ride:  :thumbsup:

Bom dia Diego!

I hope you enjoy XL ADV, it's a great community! :thumbsup:

Good afternoon everone. These pictures were from my last ride with my wife, Next saturday on the 15th we´re going on an adventure, we´re going to camp on the beach and ride around 350km through offroad and highways. Thanks XLADV for the space.











Diego, I feel bad for saying this but I'm also very happy for you... your wife is quite easy to look at  :wub:


I shared that top photo of your most recent post on our Instagram feed and it got a lot of likes ;)


My girlfriend also has the Yamaha XT 250 and loves it.

Hahaha thanks Eric! I check your guys page everyday! Almost everyday I tag you guys on my IG pics. Thank for reporting them, next weekend we´re going on a motorcycle trip and I´ll be posting many adv pics.

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