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High Sierra 2023

Eric Hall

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Post your pics, videos and stories here!


We will have photos from Stephen Gregory (Gregory Imagery) shortly in the gallery.


My observations…. Really happy to see lots of old friends and make new ones. We had about 28 people this year and lots of ideas thrown around on how to increase that next year but it will hinge on two things I think: I need volunteers and will be promoting the event via Google ads vs FB/Instagram.


When you post on the socials with your content, please tag #xladvhighsierra2023


My experience: very different weather this year! Our first rain Saturday morning and temps were much cooler in the day as well as much warmer (upper 40’s) in the morning.


I was impressed with these new Trailmax Raid tires from Dunlop. Had them in both deep sand and well as steep rocky climbs.


Food was super hard to come by for this particular weekend but the street tacos were super delicious, imho.










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Big thanks to those who helped pull this off: @pceire32, @motochefarwi, Jonathan Dawson and more.

That cold I had wiped me out as it seemed to @greedyg too.  Hope no one else got it.

sorry I missed that ride Saturday but @Brentowanted to do Silver Canyon but not solo.

the weather was som amazing!  Never seen it that cool in the day nor that mild in the morning.  And the rain Saturday made for perfect trail conditions!  It was cool seeing all the lakes full too.  And no wildfire smoke!

really enjoyed the tacos and hope others did as well.  Hard to find an authentic Mexican taco here in Colombia so I was in heaven.

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Thank you Eric for all the effort you put in to get this rally up & going. It was a smaller but great rally.  The weather was different but made for an unusual beautiful atmosphere in the area. It was a pleasure working with you & thank you for all the support. Hope we can get it together for next year. 

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My take on this year's Rally is up at YT.  The movie presents video, pictures, narration and music...

“Heaven” by The Psychedelic Furs and “The Rain Song” by Led Zep.

Subscribe and Comment at Youtube! 👍


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