Anakee Adventure Tire

We had a member send me this spy shot.  Haven't seen it before


imageproxy (4).jpeg

Reminds me of a Heidenau K76 with maybe a slightly deeper tread depth

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I don’t have an experience with  heidenau but it looks like solid on-road shoes, with 20% offroad capability. What do you think riders? 

simply put, i personally hate this category of tires ^^

These certainly aren't my go-to tire type for what I ride but if I were doing a long distance trip to like South America or something and had minimal dirt roads then I'd probably get them simply for mileage and highway comfort.  I do think they are a prototype though because I Googled them and could not find them anywhere.  Who knows?  Maybe they are Chinese counterfeits.

Looks similar to the Shinko 705, but I am sure costs more.

I'm not a fan of this ratio of tire either but that is all I could get for a front on my way home from AK last year.  It really doesn't give me any more confidence than the K60.

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