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The New BMW R1250 GS

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Not sure what to say here.  It's essentially the same platform with 9% more power and about 2% more weight.

My questions would be:

  • Will this make the GS better off-road, worse or no different?
  • Can we be certain the stanchions are truly fixed?
  • What will this new weight and hp mean for the vulnerable drive shaft?

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I got to see both the new 1250 GS AND GS Adventure yesterday at Irv Seaver BMW in Orange, CA.

Devin (one of their sales guys) gave us his initial impressions and I will try and recall them to the best of my ability...  He says at first it was difficult to tell the difference between the previous version but once he got on the throttle as well as the highway it because immediately apparent.  This bike obviously has more total power but he says it has a much better bottom end now and will better lay down that power in ways the previous model wouldn't let you (with the traction control, etc...).  He says it still has traction control but you don't necessarily feel the power cut out like you used to.

He mentioned when Ducati first came out with variable valve timing that there was a pause or flat spot in the torque curve you could feel as the engine made those adjustments and he says this new GS has none of that; you won't feel any adjustment whatsoever.

He says the previous model felt very good between 70-80 mph on the highway but pushing it to 90-100 and it didn't feel as planted.  He says this new one feels good at 90 and will easily hit 120 although he says he's not going to attempt that (cough: liar).

He says with the previous engine you could hear the engine at speed but this new one when you're up to cruising speed and the cam assist shifts into low that the engine is almost silent.

He said 3rd gear wheelies are quite easy although I know the previous model would do that too.

I obviously have a dirt bias and he really had nothing to offer here which is fine.  The GS is such a great bike on the road.  It's hard to ignore that.

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