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Jason R

Lithium Mining proposed at Panamint Springs

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Interesting article!  I don't trust the editorial objectivity of the LAT and can see they left out some important facts but overall think it's an interesting read.  One thing is that that entire Death Valley National Park area is pocked with countless mines already; none of which have really made any significantly negative impact on the environment.  Second is Panamint Valley is already home to two active gold mines; one of which is a 24/7/365 strip mining operation (Briggs Mine).

I like that they interviewed Rocky (proprietor of Ballarat store).  I tend to side with him ;) especially after they characterized us as "a frenzy of high speed off roaders."

Do they think their Priuses are made from unicorn farts?  Look at how dirty China mines lithium and ask if you think that's preferable to doing it responsibly here.

Drill baby drill!

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Many of the mines I work at in the U.S. are also a dirty ugly eyesore. Necessary evil, but the profits of scaling up lead th o big pit mines.cortez01.jpg

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