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Eric Hall

KTM 790 Adventure Problems

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This video came out a few weeks ago and says things we already know about how great this new bike is and how eagerly anticipated it is.

It also points out some interesting things...

  1. Lots of riders wait a year for the problems to be sorted out but next year KTM is moving production and assembly to China (not news) and then they'll need ANOTHER year to iron out the problems.  So the REALLY patient may wait 2 years.
  2. Oil leaks (two separate issues)
  3. Clogged fuel filters (recall issued; from curing issue with fuel tank)
  4. Wonky fuel gauges showing almost empty even though it's full

Video's author suggests (I agree) that these seem to be normal issues that get sorted out quickly.  However... if these problems happen after it's made in China then KTM's brand will take a hit.  Most bikes in the world are Chinese and sell for under $3k.  KTM is wanting it both ways here; they save on production costs but still want their margins.  Jury's still out on whether that's going to work.  We'll see!

Other commenters report:

  • brake faults (brake light flashes due to a relay sensor under tank)
  • Jammed 2nd gear, can't select 3rd

My buddy had a brand new 690 he discovered didn't have its air box installed properly.  They didn't get the tab in the slot and there was a HUGE gap!  Good thing he inspected before riding it!

Most comprehensive list I've seen at this site:

Coolant leak
Double check the bash plate install
Early clutch failures
Faulty ABS sensor
Fuel gauge not working
Fuel tank full of crap
Full tank indicated but out of fuel?!?
Gear lever linkage screws not tightened properly
KTM MY RIDE not working
Oil leak
Rear shock failure
Software bug, lights stay on
Triple clamp not tight enough
Water/Fog in instrument panel
Water leaking from the exhaust
What is this grommet for?


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Sorry guys, if I want something that leaks oil and has bolts falling out of it, I'll just keep the 950 :lol:🙄

Truth be told, I actually don't have either of those problems! 

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This guy is reporting new problems with the 790 ADV R regarding the right side foot peg being mounted to the engine and causing cracks in the engine block.  Lots of click-bait and annoying 3.5 minute unnecessary intro and no photo or name of the rider.  It's all hearsay at this point I'm afraid.  Time will tell...


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pic of one report on FB of a cracked engine case but it's hard to see the crack.  I'd honestly just wait and see on this issue.  Some say "three reports" now but could be just the one in different places.


No cracks here, just pics showing the area in concern.


Steve Loster on FB says:


Well fellas, The majority of the foot-pegs weight is carried by the swing arm mounting axle. The bolt that goes into the case also goes through the frame prior to threading into the case. The lower bolt going into the frame and case serves to locate the assembly and keep it from rotating.



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Sounds something like that.  My neighbor is getting his tomorrow.  I will take a look at it and see if I can explain it any better.

Not really sure at this point how relevant this is yet and if it is, how easy it will be to fix (probably not that hard).  I have a hard time believing KTM wouldn't stand by their product and fix under warranty if that's the case.  I'm not that worried at this point.

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Issue I have had was side stand spring came off while in the woods.

Got it back on with pliers, save a step go out and crimp the ends around while its in the garage.

Also have developed a leak on the apex shocks on the 790 standard ( couldn't get a R)  will be to the dealership in 2 days to have it checked out. 






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Double photo
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My friends Dad is a big wig at KTM and Like all KTMs it was not thoughly tested and has several issue from oil leaks to gas leaks to electric issues... Wait a year or suffer

as I have in the past... Your new motorcycle will see the service department more then your garage....

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For obvious reasons it seems public opinion has shifted quite a bit regarding things "made in China."  I'm curious what KTM will decide to do given their plans to make the 790 there from now on?  They're apparently looking to India to make their new 890 and some have wondered if the 890 will replace the 790?  That's quite a bit of uncertainty.

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