Buying Advice 2007 R1200GS

Hey everyone,

I'm Harley from North Carolina. I come from the Harley Davidson world and really want to get into adventure riding. Currently I am looking at a 2007 R1200GS with 29,000 miles. The asking price for the bike is roughly around $9,000. What does everyone think? Is it a smart buy? And any other advice everyone is willing to give.



Got any photos?  Know of any extra's that come with it?


They are good bikes and will take you a lot farther than 29,000 miles for sure.  I would simply have it checked out by a BMW dealer.  Should cost no more than about $150 and the seller should deduct that from the total cost.  Just make sure it's had it's regular service done, recalls and pay attention to stuff like cracks in the rear subframe, around the pegs, rust, drive shaft should move freely, main bearing seal of final drive should have no play, no oil leaks.


Of course, you could always buy mine :)

Dealer or private party? Do you have a link to the for sale ad?

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