Hello eh?

Wow, it's great to finally be here.  On XLADV that is!  Been very fortunate to work and travel every couple of years and it has taken me coast to coast.  Recently relocated from Boston about a 9 months ago and I'm stoked to meet new folks to ride with and share their adventures! We tend to be a little off camber than the rest of society and XLADV is another great way to connect! :thumbsup: My current residence is San Jose, CA.  Feel free to connect with me and let's ride!   

Welcome! Some great terrain & weather out your way, so enjoy it! What are you riding?

F650gs Dakar '03

Great bike for hitting the dirt. :ride:

Welcome, Arwi!  Good to see you here and look forward to seeing you this weekend at High Sierra!

Welcome aboard

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