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AltRider Conserve the Ride 2015.....2016 is coming

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A reason to show up for the 2016 Conserve the Ride june 10th-12th.



Have you ever ridden past a closed gate on the side of a gravel road and wonder where does it go? Your mind dreams up some amazing offroad adventure with a perfect mix of dirt, rocks, and elevation changes. Then you continue on you’re way past the gate, shaking your adventure from between your ears and returning home.




This isn’t the case with events like the AltRider’s Conserve the Ride.  Many factors make this ride one of the most accessible adventure rides on the east coast. With gates opened, trails clearly marked and GPS files downloaded getting into trouble or lost would prove hard to do. A main loop of gravel and tarmac is laid out with options leaving and rejoining the route. With 4 levels of difficulty in the optional sections clearly labeled at the trailhead and discussed in the rider meeting.




Three very new, very different options were opened up this year - all wide single track multi-use trails with a small crushed shale top coat laid down over miles of bermed corners with varying levels of difficulty. The best way to describe it is to call it sand or mud’s easy to ride cousin. The front tire would push a little, but not wash out from under you. After completing these segments, one rider said that he’s learned more about off road riding in those options than he has in 12k. Another rider who’s been training for a shot at the Dakar came out laughing, proclaiming that was the most fun he’s ever had on big bike.




Showing up alone for a group ride isn’t a problem either. AltRider’s 2013 Conserve the Ride was my first time at one of these events, and was where I met my ADV friends (#fatankleracingteam) that I still ride with at multiple events throughout the year (there is about 20+ of us now). Those who don’t come in a group find it easy to join a small group of other riders with similar riding abilities. This event is not a race. There’s no mix of big bikes and packs of wild ex motocross racing dirt bikers who will blow you into the weeds as they pass you (as experienced at other events). You won’t find yourself trapped under your bike with no one to help you. The crowd at this event is outgoing, helpful, and excited to be there. You can’t really have a tip over without having 3 people helping you and your bike up before you’ve caught your breath.




Unlike some events your entry fee covers nearly everything and you will have a hard time spending any money on anything other than gas. Unless, that is, you were tempted to bid on the Rev’It, Bmw of Manhattan, Kissel Motorsports, Kenda Tires, or Rox Speed FX donated goodies, where all proceeds were donated to the Seven Mountains Conservation Corp (more on this later). Organizers of this event have catered to your every food and beverage needs.  Fellow ADV rider and local owner Michael Marx of World’s Fare Catering takes care of all the meals. Full plates with seconds available of the best food I’ve ever had at any event makes two and a half days away from home easy. The event is further eased by a very local craft beer brewery; the Elk Creek Cafe.



The only thing you need to decide is if you are going, where you’re pitching your tent, and which options you plan on doing. This year’s 150+ mile route has by far been the best route yet, scouted, marked, and swept by the Seven Mountain Conservation Corps. The SMCC is a local non profit dedicated to maintaining and improving a massive multi-use trail system in conjunction with the PA DCNR (Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources). These folks put a lot of hard work into this event and it shows in the amount of fun that all riders had. A portion of your entry fee goes back to this worthwhile organization.  



Even with a three week old “new” bike and the stock road oriented tires on it, you can still enjoy events like this. Do a couple of the options. Even if you don’t have any formal training. You might drop it, or get some scratches on it, but the next time you’re outside your local starbucks and someone asks: “Where have you been on it?” you’ll have an answer. Also, for about 2 months you won’t be able to tell a story without starting it with: “This one time at the Altrider ride.”



I originally wrote this article for ADVMoto magazine and if you don't have a subscription you should probably look into it.

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Bryan you could always come out for the durty dabbers ride in lock haven PA the weekend before. It's 2 days. Then do ktm dirt daze in ny during the week. Then back to alt rider the next weekend. I could help you out with any logistics if you need it.

I wish... Just can't get away for that much time. The life of the self employed! My boss is an ass... never lets me take enough time off! ;)

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