Tiger Pilot from PNW

Hello all,

Just a brief hello to all here from this Oregon Tiger rider. Bought new last year right about this time, I've put just shy of 12000 miles on it so far. Bent it, beat it and bled on it and I couldn't be happier with the bike. Bought a bunch of gear (some of which I've actually used) and I'm just generally trying to get as much saddle time out and away in the dirt as possible.


Nice!  Looks like fun.  Ever ride with Chris Hunt or the Icon Raiden guys up there?

Where 'bouts in Or-uh-gone are you located? I grew up in the Oregon City/Clackamas area. Nice Tiger. :)

Hi Bryan,

We may indeed know each other some way. I currently live in Tigard but when I was a young former district 37 reject I lived out towards Redlands on Holcomb Blvd. by Redlands road. Lived there in the late '70s when Hannah, Tony D and the like we're my heroes and music was still actually played not "performed/programmed".

I know that area well! Small word! I'll be visiting from FL in late July for the first time in about 5 years. Trying to line up a couple of F800GSs from MotoQuest.com for a ride. My best friend also originally from Oregon is coming in from Denver. We're long time dirt bike buddies that don't get to ride together much any more. We rode all over Camas, the coast range, outside Bend, Estacada, etc....

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