No More Adventure Passes Needed

... if you're not using the developed services (parking lot, picnic tables, bathrooms, etc...)


Thanks to Jesse Kimball for pointing this out to me today.


This decision came in '14 and they're just now reaching a settlement.


I realize that even though these are our public lands, I don't mind paying a small fee like to go to Death Valley or Sequoia or Yosemite.  What bugs me is when you're just passing through like when I ride through Zion to get to a rally on the other side of the park, they still gouge me what is essentially a toll.  Same with Glacier National Park last summer where I only had about two hours to ride up the Going to the Sun road and back down again; still had to pay $12.


California beaches have gotten insanely expensive as well.  It used to be $67 for an annual pass ten years ago then raised to $125 and now it's $195.  Day use is $15.  Joe SixPack and his family or Surfer Dude can't afford to go to a state beach anymore.


Well let's focus on the good news....



This is great.  I hope it filters up to northern California too.  My mom still lives close to Wiskeytown lake.  The whole lake is a fee area.  Even if you just park on the side of the road and trailblaze down the the lake.


Can something be done about all the damn gates now???    

The fee for the beaches, was that for parking or for the actual use of the beach? I remember visiting imperial beach and having to pay for parking. I'll be honest, I'm kinda torn between paying and not. On one hand I don't want to pay for using public land. BUT, I know people destroy the same land and it cost money to fix and clean it up, so at the same time I don't mind paying. If people could take care of things that would be great! Good stuff

I don't mind paying something but would prefer it be more affordable and tied to actual use of any improvements.  I don't think beach parking should be more than $10 and an annual pass no more than maybe $100.


As for off road stuff, if I'm just passing through then I should not have to pay, which is what this lawsuit outcome seems to support.


That sign they put up always makes me laugh "your public lands..."  As if.  If they're mine AND I pay taxes, why do I have to pay more to go see them?

Ya, the fees for the beach are ridiculous

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