The Old Glories

Uhm...first of all, I'm not really sure if this is the right spot for this topic.



So guys, what are your old all-time-favorites?


I'll start.


- Cagiva Elefant 900 (90/92-93/96)

Man, I just love it. Especially in the Lucky Strike color scheme. Just look at it.


Powered by Ducati, 95hp, 208kilograms (wet)...Look at that skidplate. THAT's a proper skidplate, not the crap the big companies put nowadays below our bikes. And just look at the overall bike. That color scheme, the shapes.

Man, if I could I'd buy one right now. Like, in this moment. Yes, while I write. Like, before this last sentence.
But I can't.


- Moto Guzzi Quota 1000/1100 (92/97-98/01)

Another big, bulky, XL Adv bike made in Mandello del Lario, near the Como lake (Romeo and Juliet, anyone?).
It's not particularly beautiful, or high tech, light, or was even a flop, sales-wise.

But hey, maybe that's why down here she has such a hardcore fanbase, that wouldn't wanna ride anything else.


Above, a 1000. Below, a 1100.



- Cagiva Gran Canyon 900 (95/00)


I had one of these, a '98 model, black with red dashes. God I loved that thing. For starters, I think it looked wonderful. I think it's also a very underrated bike, that had to fill some very unconfortable shoes: It had to replace the ever-glorious Elefant, and come to think of it, it was literally a Ducati Multistrada ante-litteram.

Speaking of comfort, to this day I'm still convinced that the 'Canyon had the most comfortable seat I've dropped my butt on. Boy oh boy what a lovely bike. Never had a single problem, nothing broke down in 98.000kms, all I had to do to her was fuel her up and do the usual mechanical routine. That's it.


(Oh, and don't confuse her with the Cagiva Navigator: same bike, different engine. The GC had a Ducati engine, the Navi a Suzuki (TL1000) one).


I still have some videos.

This was recorded the day we brought it home (bike was cold, don't judge):


These two clips though, were made on both the Gavia and the Stelvio pass in 2013:



Sorry for the quality!

So, what are yours?

Sorry about the two video per post limit.  Not sure why we do that.

I surely agree on that Cagiva. Just beautiful.

Which one, Flappy?
Elefant or 'Canyon?

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