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High Sierra 2023

Eric Hall

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So what do you think?  Should we do another one?

We had 47 last year, down from 65 or so the year before.  I heard many people cite gas prices as a reason.

I love living down here in Colombia and saving so much money but I do have to come back to CA time to time anyway to take care of personal stuff like family and assorted other things.  Plus, I just got the 990 serviced and it's good as new and begging to be ridden.  I'd love to get up there sooner before it starts getting hot and do Baja or the new Wyoming or Oregon BDRs.

We did get an incredibly high donation/rider for Motorrad Angels, which was nice and we're continuing to do quite a few projects.  We're continuing our single mom w/kids rescue program where we give them a month in an apartment, food and a coffee cart business.  We also are organizing a new medical project in Santander, Colombia with some plastic surgeons from the US flying down to do a week of free plastic surgery and of course we'll do some clean water projects in the same area.

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Here's my observation.  Event costs went up and the amount of amenities provided for that cost when down (catering, shirts, mugs, kegs etc.) Makes it harder to justify for a lot of folks, especially considering the addition of fuel costs to and from.

For myself and several other gents that have been faithful attendees but missed last year, coincidentally, we all had scheduling conflicts.

I love riding in the area and meeting up with guys I only get to see once or twice a year.

The raffle for Motorrad Angels is wicked cool.

What about an event refresh to add the "team / waypoint" friendly competition style?

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Thanks for the feedback.

Event costs have both declined (since we stopped having catered meals) and risen (from last year).

2021 was $128 and that was a huge decrease from the year before.

2022 was $160 but Owens River CG jacked up camping fees and then we added a silipint and added cost for water/beer since June Lake Brewing isn’t donating kegs anymore. They do only cans now and gave us canned beer in 2021 because they felt bad. Last year that had to be added as a cost. I also ended up short in 2020 when I set the ticket price before I knew the food cost went up.

I understand the value perception year to year and catered vs no food. But if you look at other corporate events like ADV Fest at $499 then I think High Sierra is still a bargain.

I like the idea of a waypoint competition and if that’s something you’d like to take the lead on then feel free too. I typically have little spare time at the event to track that kind of thing in real time. I have a bit of concern like with the ADV Rally in Julian of people getting in over their heads so maybe we limit it to the easier trails and points of interest.

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ADV Rally is fun and doesn't cost as much as it used to (not sure how much now?) but they also have like 18 corporate sponsors and a huge marketing budget.  Vendors are paying big prices/rider to be there.

I forgot also that I used HD's sponsorship to buy down the ticket price for High Sierra the past two years.

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I, along , with a few hundred other riders, just spent $499 to camp out in the Mojave and get ride tracks.  This also included pretty good food, but we had to buy our beer.  Somehow I think High Sierra camping would be MUCH better and less sand riding.  Go for it!  I've heard great things about your rally, I've been searching for it for the last few months.

I say bring in food trucks or stands for people who want to buy food, with plenty of beer and a bar.  I'll bring at least a few, and maybe many, riders if it happens this year!


2021 Pan Am

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