Women's GS Trophy

This year BMW will do their GS Trophy competition for women too (finally).

There some fantastic lady riders out there too! I am lucky to know a few of them.

Here are a few video submissions

Kim Krause

Kim Krause

We're happy to be sponsoring Kim Krause while she trains for the GS trophy, along with her numerous other stops along the way. Good luck Kim!

And thanks for the referral Eric!

awesome videos...great grrl GS riders.  Love the GS Trophy....one day

some more then :)


I know and have ridden with Caroline (Canada) and Rosa (Brazil). The both handle a big bike very well. Should be an entertaining qualifier! 

Nice video BMW put together of the Womens GS Trophy competition in S. Africa.  I just wish it was longer!


Wrapping that rope around the tree looked interesting, and the teeter toter intimidating, great group of riders, too bad Kim didn't make it.

An account by Jenny Huntley of the UK on her experience in the Women's GS Trophy contest from Brake Magazine.



On 21/8/2015 at 7:04 AM, Eric Hall said:

some more then :)




Great video!! Love the GS Trophy!!! :)

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