Keeping sand out of eyes?


Where I ride most of the time, it's sugar sand... everywhere! Not sure if this is a Triumph Tiger deal or no, but the sand that gets kicked off the front tire ends up in the vortex of wind coming up through the space where the forks run, channeling sand into my face. Now, I can close the face shield on my Aria XD4 helmet, but the sand still comes up through the opening at the bottom and swirles around/into my eyes.


I really don't want to wear goggles, so I'm going to give these Bobber "Fat Boy" glasses a shot. Not only are the lenses light sensitive (photocromatic), I'm hoping that the foam around the eye sockets will enough to keep the vast majority of sand particles out of my helmet. Time will tell! I might have to fill in the small gaps in the foam though.






Any other ideas outside of wearing goggles?

Are the pieces over the ears pretty thin?  Only thing I am annoyed about with my new MSR helmet is that my Oakleys won't sit on my nose with the helmet on.  

Not especially. They have a bit of padding in this area in an effort to increase comfort, plus 3 small "dots" of padding in the same area on the outside for aesthetics.

Try it, but I suspect you will still end up with some sand in your eyes.  goggles are the only thing that sounds like it will help much for you, unless you figure out a diffuser type thing to keep the roost from your front tire from channeling up past the forks.

I'll know on Saturday. Spooned on some new TKCs, so even more sand will be a flyin'. :thumbsup:

Bryan- We discussed this before- I think it's in the fender- I added a rubber extension to the back of the fender which helps but now I think it's the front part of the fender.  Pushes sand forward as the wheel spins and then sucked thru the Triumph vortex. Got to find some type of extension for it. 

Going to get worse for me too...





Going to get worse for me too...






Oh yeah- Like tiny little paddles kicking sand back- My knobs didn't seem any worse for kicking up sand but they don't look as tall as the TKC's. 

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And the sand gets worse with a little moisture!


I have a air dam that fits under the chin for some of my helmets.  Don't use it when it's hot.


Googles, they should fit fine with Arai.



Or perhaps an ice racing front fender:)


The glasses that I bought worked great! Left my visor UP the while day! :ride:

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