If You Could Build Your Own Adv Jacket?


What are your 'must have' items? What annoys you about jackets you've owned?

Must haves

* ventilation

* waterproof pocket

* enough space for my neckbrace

* has to suit with and without harnass, if without harnass has to fit extra backprotector

* removable collar

* removable arms

* removable layers for heat/wind/water


Those are what mostly bothers me with the suits that I have. Combined they are the best. If I had only one of them, I'd be crying out loud.

Got the Rev'It Sand Ladies 2, Rev'It Ladies Ventura, KTM PowerWear PowerJacket ed. 2013.


One thing is for sure, I am never buying ladies stuff ever again, I'll go with men small...

I think removable collar

Nice big vents

Waterproof pocket on the chest for phone/music/wallet

Quick access pockets on the forearms

Reflective material


Tight fit for stated size.....I mean you may want to layer up, add armor, an adv jacket should have some extra room for that.

Cheap zippers that take two hands to open because they hang-up.

My Klim ADV Pro fits the bill, all the above with a built in hydration system, vital for me.  Also has a kidney belt built in and a great harness system to help distribute the load.  As waterproof as they get, great protection in all the right areas, compatible with my Leatt brace, and a second collar for the times I don't use the brace.  For warmer weather I remove the collar for added ventilation.  My go to jacket for the true ADV Ride that is "Out There"!

Waterproof on it's own; I find it very annoying to stop and install a water proof liner like the BMW Ralle systems requires.

I agree with Camel ADV, it has to have a waterproof shell, and being an athletic build (thin) I can't wear a lot of suits with an American build, way to lose in the gut area and never enough adjustment to take up, waterproof pockets inside for phone, I pod etc.. and something besides blk, unless it has some orange mixed in of course.

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