Baja Rally 9-14OCT 2017 - calling big bike hooligoons out--got what it takes?

This post is simple.  I'll be racing the 950 Super Enduro in the Baja Rally 5.0 in October of 2017.  I want you out there racing too.  


We proved in the 2016 BR that it is possible on a big bike, with 3 of 4 competitors finishing.  Yours truly...well, I crashed out and got hurt.  Got an appointment to clear that DNF next to my name!  


If you think you're a strong big bike rider, I hereby call you out.  If you think you've got what it takes to ride a big bike and rally, let's do this.  We need people to make the class worthwhile.  Four was a good proof of concept in 2016, so let's see if we can't get ten or more this time around.  Challenge yourself.  Challenge your friends!  Come out for the adventure of a lifetime and check Baja, Mexico, and a big-bike race off your bucket list!  I had an absolute blast and can't wait to go back and hit it harder, faster, and better in 2017.  


Put your money where your mouth is and come out for some good times in Baja!  It's not impossible--you just have to want it.  


Who's with me?


I would love to do that.

What does it take realistically?

I have a 950ADV

I guess I need more sand experience.

Probably more cash .

I'm willing to try if it is achievable

for an average person.

But I'm honestly clueless about it.

Where do I start?

VTwinner, not to be a dick (I am, but not on occasions like this), but this is one of those things where if you have more than moderate doubt, you're probably not ready.  But there's good news!  You've got 10 months to practice.  That's time to ride your ass off and get the rally practice and training you need.  


I'll let other people pass judgment on me and my riding skills, but the background is, I started riding adv bikes in January 2013.  I started riding hard offroad in January 2015.  I'm pretty good.  I'm not Chris Birch.  I have friends who are way faster with way more experience I'm competitive in spirit and I work at it.  To my mind, you just have to want it.  


Pulled from the entry page, don't register if you:



The logistics on the other hand...that's the challenge.  Spares, bro(s) to pit for you, a good stock of immodium, etc.   :D

Logistics was really my question.

I am from the midwest so my sand experience is lacking but that can be remedied.

I've started racing enduros here locally on small bikes. But it's a different type of racing.

Are there smaller shorter races in that part of the world where a person can go and get an idea of what to expect?

I'm not really toooooo concerned about actually being able to do it from a riding standpoint.

But preparing for logistics is really hard.

So my original post was probably misleading.

Intro to Rally school put together by the Baja Rally, 2 days of instruction & riding with real routes & road books (plus some fun extra curricular activities) hopefully planned for February. Great way to taste this & see whether it's for you.


Don't touch that dial.

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I approve of this thread!

Training for next year at the local dirt bike meet up. Apparently I missed the memo about opening new single track so I was a little surprised when dudes started showing up on 250 and 300 smokers.


Sill searching for shade in December...


The 640 took it all in stride.

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Haha, I've done that a couple times.  Nothing like showing up for a ride with the 950 and everyone's on little bikes. The best part is making 'em believers.  I don't always manage, but I do sometimes!

It looks like we have another  ADV entry for this years Baja rally. Wes will be riding the shops SE or ADV 950  I'm really looking forward to learning more about Rally.

That's awesome, Get some!

Duuuuude, now I'm even more disappointed to be missing out on the fun this fall.  I would love to have tried to follow Wes' dust cloud!  Guess I'll just have to get it in at the D100!

I hear we have two entrants as of today: Landon and Wes (Darryl's son)



guess I'd better open that bar tab then

I'd like to make a go at it, there's no way to put together the parts I need for it. 


I'd like to make a go at it, there's no way to put together the parts I need for it. 

You only need three parts I think.
Two huge balls
A dirtbike
I'm missing at least one myself...........I'll let you guess which.

Aside from those parts, I figured I would need a couple set of tires, nave tower, and shake down course on rally navigation. What does a huge ball go for these days? 

I sure don't know.
Must be outrageous though as there are so few.

This is known to be a tough course that even a fair share of small bike guys complained about.  That being said, I know the guys who finished on big bikes were not Jimmy Lewis level riders and they did fine.  I think if you're at least an upper intermediate rider, have done difficult rides before, have a basic familiarity with navigation and roll charts then I think you'll have a blast.

This just in...  Baja Rally has added a rookie and senior class

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