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  2. Great review out today from Llel at Brake Magazine in this new AT. Lots of things you may not hear others say
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  4. We're on! The campground had been closed due to Mono county orders but are opening most likely June 1 and will definitely be open for us! Register Here Sponsors: Attendees: @renaissancerider Olivier Cornet @Dennis Hagerty
  5. Went for another ride today in this week 3 of my broken rib recovery. Let's just say I'll need a few more weeks before I can ride comfortably. lol. Noticed today the clutch is actually cable actuated! It's smooth as butter though so not sure that's an issue for me. I guess if it becomes one I can always pop for the Magura aftermarket hydraulic clutch kit. But it also has a shift assist function where you just kick up or down a gear without needing to clutch. I also got the bluetooth functionality paired with my phone. I initially just tried using the phone alone and that ideally should have worked but didn't. I later found there's a MyTriump app you need to download so I registered for that, downloaded it and then tried connecting via the app. The instructions appeared exactly like what I'd done before but for whatever reason it worked fine this time! What that means is I can now pair my phone and see if I have a call or text, control my music playlist, control a GoPro (and see what the battery life is) and then utilize turn by turn directions via Google maps from the MyTriumph app. It can also display a summary of your trip if you wanted to share that somewhere like a ride report and/or social media post!
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  7. Got the bike home! Did a little walk around video
  8. Learning more about the bike and two things stand out that I’d prefer differently... One is the rear wheel is 17” and not 18.” 18" rear means better off road performance. The other is the rake angle of 24 degrees. ADV bikes typically range from 26-28 degrees. 24 makes it just a bit more of a handful in deep sand. I checked the Hepco and Becker site and they’ve got a few accessories right now with more on the way. The pannier racks look available now and then others in the works I’d like to get are: rear top rack (for my RotoPax, soft bag), upper crash bars, skid plate, side stand footprint enlarger, hand guard protection (or something like BarkBusters). MotoMachines is the US distributor for H&B and they helped with the 990 and said they can help with this one too so very happy about that.
  9. Over 7,000 MILES on these puppies now. Which have been coming on slow lately with all the crap going on. But the tires are still being awesome, hard edges have smoothed, some of the gaps have closed, but still confidence inspiring off road for being a 50/50 tire. Update Pics: Over 7,000 miles on these mixed on and off road.
  10. Joey Webb did this sick drone video of our trip
  11. nice pics! I have been through that area a couple times this season already. Made it out to Royal Gorge on Wednesday via Shelf Road. I was short on time so didn’t ride skyline dr in canyon city.
  12. That's awesome. Sounds like my first dual sport rides, was with my '07 Suzuki DRZ 400Sm with knobbies front and rear. That got me hooked on dual sport rides and ADV riding.
  13. Temple of the Sun Creek racing This young lady, Lyndsey, was a rockstar on her DRZ400 with supermoto knobbies! Nice pizza lunch in Mt. Carmel I think just about every Africa Twin had its fairings broken This guy, Jeff Martin, is amazing how he rides that KLR off road with only one arm!
  14. We wrapped it up tonight here in Mt Carmel, UT at a hotel. Sandro is a bit beat up and wanted a hot shower and bed [emoji23] Lots more pics to come. We did a 30 mile road out to these slot canyons and had a bit more carnage but nothing too serious. We met this guy last night in Torrey by the name of JB Wagner and he invited us to stay on his 40 acre ranch last night complete with firewood and chairs! Super nice people in Utah. He rides too (of course). Sandro icing his ankle
  15. Africa Twins, Motoz and Rigg Gear win this trip
  16. Justin kept calling it a Wild Hogs trip and now I know why. 23 riders, not the best tires, big bikes, packed way too much. More dirt would be nice but it’s still fun. Lots more pics just not a lot of cell service
  17. Nothing but totally liking it. Beat for off road. Great display. Upgradeable with firmware updates. Easy to use for tracks. No turn by turn directions but I use a phone for that
  18. How about an update on this one @Eric Hall ? Have you been running this since initial install? Thinking about a Pro for the 9 fiddy
  19. Nice. Wait till you get to the switchbacks heading into Burr Canyon, EPIC! I'll need those tracks when you get back! This maybe a trip the old man is up for...
  20. Mostly pavement yesterday. Camped in a canyon last night. Sick drone shot!
  21. Mostly dirt or pavement? Either way it beats working and the views will be awesome.
  22. as much as I hate Starbucks, I like Starbucks roads
  23. About 200. Mostly Starbucks roads though
  24. That looks awesome! About how many miles per day are you guys planning to ride?
  25. Watching! I’ve done a very similar route minus the loop at the top. Perfect time of year, enjoy!
  26. All loaded up in Sandro’s toy hauler bound for Vegas
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    • This video came out a few weeks ago and says things we already know about how great this new bike is and how eagerly anticipated it is.

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    • In the heat of summer, experience the cooler temps (6800' elevation) and epic big bike riding in the High Sierra. Gourmet catered meals (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts), professional photography, firewood, adult beverages, hot showers, bathrooms, nearby hot springs, general store. Vendor-sponsored raffle prizes! All to benefit Motorrad Angels(motorradangels.org), a charity that provides clean water filtration kits around the world.
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    • This mirror is the product of much frustration- I spent years breaking other designs and wondering what was going on behind me on the road. Eventually, when I dropped my bike and found myself buying two(!) new master cylinders as a result, I decided it was time to make a really good mirror, one that would function well as a mirror, and also protect the bike (and me) from damage.
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    • Time, 05:15 h. My alarm clock rings and it’s time for me to get my breakfast in my stomach, take a shower and jump on my bike! The 1,5 hour drive to the TT race track in Assen took me to the TT junior track and the CRT Holland training ground for the CRE track training. Here I met with 37 fellow Suzuki riders. Greeting us where the men and women from Suzuki Motors Holland who set up this training day.
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