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Hei, from Norway.

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I'm soon pushing 60, been riding motorcycles only since 1974 ( no car license ), and have since 2004 been riding allroad bikes. I prefer to avoid the term 'offroad', since true offroading is outlawed in Norway.

Been through certain asphalt oriented bikes since 1978, namely  1976 Honda CB350 Four, 1978 Suzuki GS550, 1981 Suzuki GS650GT, 1981 Suzuki GSX1100, 1986 Moto Guzzi SP1000II, 1987 Honda VF1000F2, 1994 Honda ST1100 Pan European *), 2004 BMW F650GS Dakar, 2008 BMW F800GS ( crashed, written off ), 2010 BMW F800GS *), 2008 KTM 690 RFR *).

*) In current stable. 

My favourite rides are twisty country roads and gravel/dirt roads, spread over various distances within Scandinavia. On the 690 RFR my preferred roads mostly are in Sweden, favourizing open gravel roads and access to more dirt roads than here in Norway. The F800GS is my favourite commuting and allroad vehicle.

The scenery is more varied in Norway, but land owners are less friendly towards adv-riders than in Sweden - which has a bigger motor sport environment, including all from rallycross to enduro an motocross etc. Laws may also be a factor here, as Norwegian land owners tend to install closed gates on their roads more frequently than in Sweden.

My riding include tarmac as well as dirt roads by necessity, and my preferences goes towards solo rides and not group rides. Concluding that deciding speed and controlling risk factors is best done solo in my world. Not discounting the advantages and safety plus of group rides - depending on enroute challenges and requirements.

Have deliberately avoided long foreign country rides so far - simply by personal priorities and preference. I do about 20 000km a year, the last 5 years solely on the F800GS and the 690 RFR.

The big rides may come in the future. Like dessert and icing on the cake ;-)


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     I myself don't hold myself to any set definition of "offroad". If it's an available legal road and I traverse it it's a road. In Mexico I noticed what were referred to as "good" roads varied wildly so I guess it's in the eye of the beholder (or the rider).

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