...And Touratech is Bankrupt!

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The Touratech AG , the southern German specialist for motorcycle accessories with offices worldwide, has filed for bankruptcy. Dirk Pehl was appointed as temporary insolvency administrator. However, business operations are to be continued unchanged.
According to the press release on Friday, the company's approximately 400 employees were informed of the insolvency and the current status by the provisional insolvency administrator as well as by the Executive Board at a company meeting. According to the insolvency administrator, the wages and salaries are paid.
Dirk Pehl will use the phase of provisional insolvency to gain an overview of the economic situation of the company and to examine restructuring options. "Touratech has already devised initial principles for a rehabilitation concept with its consultants before the application for insolvency," said Pehl after an initial survey. "The first thing to do is to implement the restructuring that has begun and to develop opportunities to put the company on a healthy financial and economic footing to keep the location and jobs as much as possible."
The reason for the insolvency is the late implementation of the new building, which was necessary due to increased demand. The associated difficulties with logistics and production as well as the considerable production and supply losses led eventually to insolvency.
The extent to which insolvency leads to redundancies and further drastic savings is not yet foreseeable. A probable scenario, however, is that the company is concentrating on its core competency, self-development, production and distribution of accessories for a variety of motorcycles. The products, which have been abundantly bought over the past few years, are likely to disappear from the supply.
During the Touratech Travel event in June, unrest among the employees was already felt. Even in the vicinity of Niedereschach, where Touratech is the most important employer, there were frequent financial difficulties. This is confirmed by the opening of the insolvency proceedings.

WOW....unbelievable ūüėē

Damn I was just reading about this a moment ago, maybe they should of had a better business model..and they definitely didnt make there money cutting corners with cheap hardware like screws and bolts....I will be on the look out for that fire sale though....I hope that maybe they can turn this into a opportunity to make the company better..

You'd think charging $999 for a cigarette lighter adapter would keep them in the black :P

Its kind of sad in a way that they are an acting contributor to adv lifestyle, I own and have purchased many of there products, I hope they can get a decent restructuring out if this and continue to progress for the community.

somewhat predictable.

quality going down.

service going down.

and customer service... ranges from lousy to non-existent (at least for a few of the Touracket stores i dealt with over here in europe).

and with the competition they have nowadays... finished are the gool old days when they enjoyed some sort of a monopoly.

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Unbelievable but business as usual? 

@beemer bunny I think has the right idea.  For a long time TT owned a massive market share maybe taking for granted since business had been so good for so long. Then with the explosion of the ADV touring segment, they seemed to fail to adjust their model to account for the increased competition. That never ends well. ..

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