Los Angeles-Based Off-Road 1-2 Day Rides

As many of us, I work a 9-5 job and can only get away for multi-day trips a few times per year but would love to some dirt more regularly.  I'd like to connect with SoCal folks interested in day or weekend rides that include some off-road.   For example, Los Angeles to Gorman (Los Padres National Forest) is about an hour.  From there, some fun off-roading can be had so it's fun one day ride.   I'm not aware of too many more off-road options in SoCal and am also interested in finding new folks to ride with at levels intermediate to advanced. 


Mike (2016 BMW GSA)

Now that it's cooling off, I'd like to get out to the desert more often.  I usually go out to the Adelanto area and start from there.

I put together this cool "Beyond Starbucks Gold" route you should try ;)

I am interested. I probably fall into the intermediate category, until you throw some sand/silt into the mix. Then I either ride too slow or fall a lot. :)

I have been trying to find the OHV area outside of Temecula. If you are interested in riding in or around that area, let me know.


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