Hello From The PNW

Hello from the PNW!

Long time lurker and sparse poster but now I finally have a XLADV machine and I am diving in.







hey! welcome. nice to see you here :ride:

Welcome! Been following your IG for a while.  Glad to have you join the best hangout off the bike :thumbsup:

That bike is something!  Might just be my next.  We'll see!

Jump on board Gear Dude! Nice looking KTM you've got there!

Cool that your running some soft bags. 

Are those the new Kriega bags you've got?

I use the outlander 60 and 20litre pack. Great stuff. 

Ride on Ride far

Loading her up!


Wish I could load mine in the back of our truck at all, but it’s job enough sticking the whyzeds all the way up in there. Mama’s got a 6 inch lift and 35s so my Tiger isn’t going anywhere NEAR there.


sweet! Welcome! 

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