Sportbikes Got Old

Howdy! I've been creeping on this whole ADV thing ever since my first time slapping some saddlebags on my 2008 Z1000 and riding through a rainstorm to go camping in a hammock in the Finger Lakes of western NY.

So last week I finally took the dive and picked up a leftover/ gently used 2016 Tiger xcx and I plan on doing much more motocamping/ off road stuff/ traveling, as I've recently relocated to just outside of Reno, NV for work. I picked up the bike in Reno aaaaaaand Immediately hit the road for 2 weeks of work in Lemoore, CA. talk about getting well aquainted! I'm BRAND. SPANKY. NEW to off road riding, camping without a car to carry stuff, and the west coast in general. My first long trip is to Rocky Mountain Roll 2 end of July. looking for riding buddies in the reno area to show me the ropes! thanks for the read!

Awesome Mathew, welcome to XLADV.  

Welcome, heading up to Elko for work later this week. So much to explore in northern NV. Enjoy

Welcome Mathew!

I just saw a video on Facebook of a moose spotted near Elko.

Welcome fellow Tiger pilot!

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