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Found 13 results

  1. 2 reviews

    For KTM Adventures 990 (07-13) with dual front brake lines (stock) and NON ABS only. (For now, send us an email if you want to see these for ABS 990's and or 950 models that will require front brake link kits. As simple and clean as a high fender kit can come. The high fender kits have been attempted throughout the years and none of them have been a remotely clean installation. Rottweiler Performance has now created this simple kit of fork guard plates and hardware that does the job perfectly and with the quality you can expect from only Rottweiler Performance. A prototype has been running flawlessly on our 990 Adventure for the last 2 1/2 years and after many requests to make the kit, we finally decided to put it out. The basic kit (no KTM plastic or hardware) consists of: 2) 6061 billet fork guard plates 2) Silicone cushion 304 stainless steel brake line clamps 4) 18-8 stainless button head screws 2) 18-8 stainless flat head screws 2) Stainless nylock nuts 2) fine adjustment zip ties Full kit consists of: All of the hardware above + 1) KTM Super Moto Front Fender White 1 each) L+R 85cc KTM fork guards 4) KTM Front Fender Screws / M6X20 shouldered 4) Spacer Bushings for SM Front Fender
  2. 2 reviews

    We didn't sit on our butts after creating the #1 and only triple layer foam intake system with the easiest mantenance on the market. We took it 60 steps further by giving yoiu the ability to swap pre-filters in under 60 seconds flat. This little device is what showed the ADV market that Rottweiler Performance was not a one trick pony. Put it this way, it actually installs itself! How? When you do the math, the time it takes to install it (about an hour) vs the time over your life that you will spend removing those 12 horrible bolts, fishing them out of the skid pan when dropped or lost, and the sheer aggrivation taking that glove box off elicits, you will get back countless hours of time to enjoy your trip or just get filter maintenance done faster than you can get your helmet on. Notes: A 3/4" (20mm) drilled hole is required just in the middle of the bottom of the glove box. A cheap step drill is perfect. You can retain the glove box lock if you have one. (Later model Adventures) There is no visible change to the bike or the use of the glove box. It performs exactly the same after installation.
  3. 3 reviews

    All Renazco Racing seats are uniquely crafted using a hand sculpted method, yet ergonomically engineered to the rider's needs and style. James Renazco has spent time on most of the bikes we build seats for. As part of our research and development, riding the bikes our customers ride gives us hands-on experience so we can relate to your needs. The information requested in our "order a seat" form is designed to give us the data we need to help determine how to best build your seat, therefore ride in appointments are not necessary. We use a variety of different foams to achieve the end result - most of our foams are specifically made for us and are of a viscoelastic type. At Renazco Racing we strive to deliver the best possible products available, quality without compromise the Renazco way. We have a variety of different seat cover materials to best suit your motorcycle in terms of function and style. From marine grade vinyls to hand selected suedes, we stock most colors to compliment your bike. We are determined to work closely with you and build you the best seats on the planet.
  4. 0 comments

    Amazing machine. I've noticed its not as high quality as a BMW but its definitely built for my riding style. KTM has come short on my deal and hasn't activated KTM my ride, hill assist, quick shift, or heated grips. They don't know how to make these options work. It's been a month sense I bought the bike and I haven't got to fully use my bike yet.
  5. 1 review

    MadStad adjustable windshield system! Fully adjustable height and tilt for smooth airflow and fantastic comfort! The MadStad system consists of: 16", 18" or 20" windscreen in your choice of two shapes: Adventure or Explorer. Color choices include clear, light gray, medium gray, dark gray, and bronze smoke. Hardware includes: Aluminum adapter plate, easy-adjust Robo Knob brackets, cast acrylic winglets, reinforced nose bracket and the side supports. The custom shield bolts to the brackets out in front of your instrument cluster. With the shield separated from the front of the bike you can adjust it for the optimum height, angle and airflow. This lets you set the shield for your particular height and riding position while pulling lots of air underneath it which is critical for smooth comfortable wind protection.
  6. 1 review

    The o.e.m. low front fender can be problematic and dangerous on dirt/gravel roads and during off-road excursions, especially when the conditions become wet and muddy. It can clog with mud or rocks, lock-up the front wheel and throw you on your head. The KTM 1090/1190/1290 High Mount Front Fender Kit enables you to remove the o.e.m. low front fender and replace it with the ’08-’12 SX/XC front fender or a Super Moto style front fender. Enables mounting ’08 – ’12 SX/XC or SM (Supermoto) front fender Durable aluminum construction CNC machined for precise fit Includes horn relocation bracket Lightweight Quick & easy to install Allows clearance for muddy conditions and knobby tires Fits ’13 – ’18 KTM 1090/1190/1290 Adventure & R ALL mounting hardware included Available with or without front fender Made in the U.S.A.
  7. 1 review

    We are proud to be distibutors for the top quality British made range of Cymarc accessories - hand made by motorcycle enthusiasts for motorcycle enthusiasts ! Mark from cymarc describes the developement process. When I got hold of the GSA I immediately noticed that on full extension the screen oscillates like a bugger when going over even the slightest rough surface. Now I`m sure this is absolutely fine but I prefer to have the screen stiffened up so it doesn`t flap around like a sail in a force ten gale. So I`ve come up with a pair of brackets. Firstly I tried just the one bracket but the other side of the unsupported screen just carried on flapping away so I have made one for each side. The brackets anchor onto the lower screen brace assembly using two good M6 anchor points and extend up, cunningly curving around the satnav bracket. They then attach to a bracket (one each side) which bolts onto the screen itself. Its all held firmly in place by an adjustable thumb screw for easy and quick adjustment. There is no drilling by the way as the brackets all use existing mounting points. Both assemblies are fully adjustable over the range of movement of the screen so all you have to do is get the screen to the right angle for you then fasten both thumb screws and the screen `wobbling` is drastically reduced! Made in stainless including the fasteners with the fasteners on the bracket being `captive` to help with assembly. Also suitable for the R1200GS LC from 2013 Powder coated front and back in satin finish black. Full fitting instructions are included Easy to fit. SuItable for: R1200GS LC R1200 GSA LC 2014 onwards
  8. Recently the folks at Madstad Engineering reached out to see if we wanted to test one their unique windscreen design. The stock unit on my Triumph Tiger 800XC is ok for speeds below 65mph, but on the freeway, the turbulence and buffeting is pretty noticeable, especially on my shoulders. So, I figured why not see what they can do. If you're not familiar with their concept, http://www.madstad.com/ The cool part is, they are local to me! Had no idea. So, I'm going to slab over to their shop this week to meet the designer in person, check out their operation, and install one of their windscreens. of course, I'll write up a full review and share that I learned. Anyone else using a Madstad? What's been your experience? Demo video on a Tiger...
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